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Keith Chi-hang Tam

Keith Tam was born and raised in Hong Kong and has lived in the UK and Canada. He is a communication designer who specializes in typography.

He is currently a lecturer of Visual Communication at the School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with a focus on typographic and publication design. He formerly taught at The Emily Carr Institute of Art, Design and Media in the Communication Design program.

His type design includes Arrival, a legible and humane sanserif typeface designed for directional signing, currently used by the campus wayfinding system of the University of Reading, UK.

15th Century CE

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1436 Johannes Gutenberg began experimenting with movable type designs.
1438 Gutenberg designed his first printing press.
1455 Gutenberg produced the 42-line bible, the first book printed with movable type. Shortly afterward his financier foreclosed, sold the bibles, and became the first commercially successful printer.
1458 Nicholas Jenson went to Mainz, Germany to study type-casting.

Elementos do Estilo Tipográfico

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Escrita, projetada e composta pelo tipógrafo, ensaísta e poeta norte-americano Robert Bringhurst, esta obra reúne e discute em profundidade os conhecimentos que a história da tipografia ocidental transformou em tradição ao longo dos últimos 600 anos, respaldado por uma linguagem deliciosamente acessível, que a tornou uma unanimidade entre os designers gráficos do mundo inteiro. O título é inspirado em conceitos do filósofo Walter Benjamin.

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Font Starter Packs

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A recommended list of commercial fonts available in affordable collections, usually on CD. Of interest to students and designers looking to begin building a professional typeface collection.

Canada Type Collection 01
Includes Adore, Blackhaus, Coffe Script, Dominique, Flirt, Fontella, Pendulum, Quanta, Runway, Sailor, Torquemada, Treasury, Heathen and Mayfair. - $299.99
Canada Type Collection 02