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Font Starter Packs

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A recommended list of commercial fonts available in affordable collections, usually on CD. Of interest to students and designers looking to begin building a professional typeface collection.

Canada Type Collection 01
Includes Adore, Blackhaus, Coffe Script, Dominique, Flirt, Fontella, Pendulum, Quanta, Runway, Sailor, Torquemada, Treasury, Heathen and Mayfair. - $299.99
Canada Type Collection 02

Jan van Krimpen

Jan van Krimpen (1892–1958)

Dutch typographer. His type-designs Lutetia, Romanée, Romulus, Cancelleresca Bastarda, Romulus Sans, Sheldon, Spectrum, Haarlemmer, Antigone Greek (not a complete list). His punch-cutter at Joh. Enschedé en Zonen was Rädisch. The relation between Van Krimpen and Rädisch was difficult. DTL is currently digitalising a few of Van Krimpens designs.

His stamps (designs for the Dutch PTT post published in 1946) where well known and liked throughout the Netherlands.

Articles and books by Van Krimpen:

‘On Designing and Devising Type’ (1957)

Articles and books about Van Krimpen:


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A post-modernist category of typeface that mixes elements of both the Serif and sans serif forms.

Other sans-serif/serif hybrids besides Dead History?
The Best Term for a Typeface That Combines Elements of Both Serif and Sans Serif?

<–! Note: I’m not sure this is the right term, as there are straight text fonts with “Semiserif” in the name. “Hybrid” something or “Mashup” might be a more appropriate wiki page for this type of font. - S. Coles


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Indices : Terminology : Superfamily

A superfamily is a set of typefaces released under a common trade name that combines several families across stylistic classes. Members of a typeface superfamily differ not only in weight, width, inclination, Optical Size and character sets, but also in other design characteristics such as stroke modulation and treatment of serifs — but still share certain other characteristics such as proportions, which allows them to work together. ITC Stone Sans, ITC Stone Serif, ITC Stone Informal and ITC Stone Humanist are four families that form a superfamily.

Multi-font Families?

Mario Feliciano

Mario Feliciano
Portuguese designer and typographer.
Designer of SurfPortugal and editora Fenda’s periodicals, which use almost exclusively typefaces designed by him.
Distributes his typefaces through Feliciano Type Foundry.Feliciano represented Portugal at the Association Typographique International in England and started publishing his fonts at Adobe. In 1999 he became Iberia’s representative for Enschedé Font Foundry, 2 years after launching his first typefaces at Chicago Foundry T26.

Fonts distributed by Feliciano Type Foundry:
Douro (project for Expo 98)