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The history of Bookman, or Bookman Old Style, begins with the introduction of a typeface named Old Style Antique by the Scottish foundry Miller & Richard, designed by A.C. Phemister as a boldface pairing for that foundry’s Oldstyle about 1858. The design became popular and was soon replicated by other foundries, with MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan copying the design as early as 1869. When several smaller foundries combined to form American Type Founders in 1892, their libraries of typefaces had to be consolidated. ATF chose to issue the Bruce Foundry version of Oldstyle Antique, which they had called Bartlett Oldstyle. ATF added some special swash characters and logotypes and rechristed the new design as “Bookman Oldstyle.”


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Volcano Type is a independent font foundry based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The first course: a fast food youthfulness that was served for the first time in 1996. An earthy dish, created by chance, with thirteen organic fonts. Quickly whisked up and devoured. It rarely took more than a few days from sketch to use/digestion by the project. Uncouth forms, erupted from the bowels of the earth. Shattered letters, branded, stressed, humiliated. In order to produce arrogant fonts, far too expressive to last on a page of copy text. Quite indisputably from nature. Still roughly hewn. Raw. Imperfect.

Rui Abreu

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Rui Abreu studied Communication Design at FBAUP, where he graduated in 2003. he has been working has a new media designer in different design/advertisement agencies.
T-26 designer of Tirana (2006, sans family), Cifra (2006, a ten weight sans family), Salto Alto (2006, avant garde sans family), and Forma (2006, stencil font).


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Typies is an original and special blog where their contributors try to deal with typographic and graphic design topics. Their aim is to help graphic designers to forget their fears and start working on types.
Typies is a very didactic blog, and the topics it deals with, are unusually mentioned on typographic books. You will note that the information in this blog is very useful and easy to understand.
Ideal for newer typographic designers.


Ray Cruz

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Ray Cruz is a graphic artist, consultant and custom lettering designer. For over three decades his diversified skills have allowed him to work with advertising agencies, publishers, package design firms, branding firms and corporate clients. Designing new and custom typefaces is his favorite endeavor. Ray has received over 30 graphic and type design awards from TDC, AIGA, ADC and other art associations. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at FIT and Kean University teaching Type Design and drawing with Adobe Illustrator.