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This font works in Photoshop but not in Word. Is there a way to fix it?


I have this free font provided by EPSON. It's a very old font that used to be shipped with printer drivers in the 90s. I can use it in Windows without a problem. I now want to use it on my Mac (OSX 10.8) and see that the font name is garbled when I install it but the contents in the preview show up fine. I can use it in Photoshop alright but I mainly want to use it in MS Word 2011. In Word I can see the font listed (name garbled) but can't select it. I tried selecting some text and then choosing the font but it defaults to the previously selected font.

How to build woff/web fonts from otf?



I was wondering which tools are available to create/convert web fonts from OTF (cff) files? I'm on OSX and it could be command line tools as well.
I know there are more than a few sites available that can do it for you, but I'm looking at fonts that I'd like to convert myself and also test with OT features.

I've looked at sfntly from Google but it's still a work in progress and also does not handle OTF/CFF fonts.
There's an (old) tool from JKew (http://people.mozilla.org/~jkew/woff/) but could not test it yet (the pre-compiled version doesn't run atm).

Any ideas or pointers?


Find my Font v3.0 - Find fonts in Images: Both Local and Online font matching is now supported!



Softonium Developments is proud to announce Find my Font v3.0 which is a major update to our font matching tool.

click for bigger image

a. Major new feature: Both Local and Online matching supported
The most important feature introduced is the capability to find a font from an image not only by scanning the local fonts of your PC but to retrieve also font matches from an Online Font-Matching Database.

Problem displaying some fonts in Chrome

I am running OS X Snow Leopard and now again I a pronlem with certain fonts rendering properly. The characters are displaying as a glyph not found symbol.

The attached file is an example that occured when testing @font-face implementation in Chrome, weirdly Safari was fine. I have also had the same issue in OpenOffice, TextEdit, PowerPoint and at other random time.

Anyone got any ideas?

(x) Font on buttons in Mac OSX - Lucida Grande {Gordon J}

Hi everyone!

I'm designing an Apple skin for the M3 Nintendo DS-card, and I need to know what font Apple uses for buttons in Mac OSX. I don't know whether it's the same font as used in title-bars etc. in Mac OSX, but I just need the one from the buttons ;).

In case someone's reading this thread and doesn't have a Mac, here's a screenshot: http://www.robinkanters.nl/macosx-buttons.png

Thanks in advance!
Robin Kanters