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System font

Oriya MN for Windows


I am looking for a font called Oriya MN. I can't find it available for purchase anywhere. It seems to be a OS X Mountain Lion system font


If anybody could point me in the right direction, of how to legally obtain the font, that would quite awesome. Also, if instead one can name an alternative font, that may do the trick. I need the font to create artwork for a sign. My customer specified the font on their end.

Is Dicot a system font?

I am using Dicot Medium in a logo, but the client asked if this is a system font. Honestly, I don't know. Nor was was I concerned... if it looks right, what does it matter if it is or isn't?
But I understand the need for exclusivity and the safety of a custom or rare font for logo designs (it didn't stop Instagram... until recently). So I turn to you, fellow font friends. What are the origins of Dicot?

Georgia and matching Arabic system font

Hello, my friend designer works on a corporate identity for a large client. They decided to use Georgia as the alternative typeface family for office use. Could you please recommend me a compatible Arabic typeface available as a system font on a Windows platform? Thanks.