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logotype critique

Long time anonymous browser, first time poster.
I'm trying my hand at vectorizing some brush lettering for a friend, and can't seem to get an even weight through the whole mark. I think it's the "r"s? Does the "y" look too upright? That last "s" is super weird, right? Any suggestions on how to fix anything would be much appreciated! I'm finding that you have to make a lot of very purposeful decisions in Illustrator that you wouldn't notice while drawing everything an inch high in pen.
Thanks so much!

Google font bug when it vectorized

Hi everybody,

I draw a logo with a Google font because my client want the same typo on his website and on his logo.
So I use "Coustard" : http://www.google.com/webfonts/specimen/Coustard

But when I vectorize it with illustrator, it's completly deformed... as you can see in attached file.
I never saw it.

Do you know a copy of coustard or an other solution to vectorize a typo ?
Do you understand what's the problem ?

Thank for your support

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Bezier Experts - The Best Vector Drawing Typographers

In an attempt to learn from the best, I have been looking at the work of established Bezier masters. The short list of typographers that I came up with is just based on my limited prejudices:

Matthew Carter
David Berlow
Lucas de Groot
Gerard Unger
Leslie Cabarga
Tobias Frere-Jones
Robert Slimbach

I would love to learn more, and I feel I have overlooked many vector drawing heros.

If you could nominate five people to the Bezier Drawing Hall of Fame, who would you choose?

Vector blur?


Dear typophiles:
I'm experimenting with a blurred version of one of my typefaces. I have all glyphs as outlines, please see example:

This is what I'm trying to achieve:

I used Photoshop to blur the first image (Filter>Blur>Gaussian) and then Threshold (Image>Adjustment) to get the black/white image.

My question:
Is there a way of doing this while maintaining a vector format? (inside Illustrator for example?)




Here I have attatched some of my signature logo creations..Can you guys please tell me what you think about these logos....Cz I want to improve the quality of my designs....Also I design these logos on fiverr for $5..Is these logos worth of $5??..Please tell me your ideas..Thank You..

More Work Samples : http://fiverr.com/christiansc/design-professional-and-stylish-signature-...

What is this specific logo treatment?


I've seen this specific type of shading treatment on a vast number of logos that I've run across and I love it.

For clarification purposes, does this specific type of shading have a formal name or technique associated with it?

I've always figured that this kind of effect could be done roughly with an algorithm or black and white conversion plugin and then fine tuned, rather than entirely hand drawn--but I've never run across anything that splits shades of gray into black bars of varying thickness like this.

Might any of you kind folks here on Typophile have any recommendations on how to consistently produce this effect?


Tips & Tricks to vectorize a hand-made lettering sketch


Hello everyone!
The "Almighty" Seb Lester updated his website with brand new lettering posters.

http://Here you can read an interview from ILT blog

Scketches show us how he got to the final solution, developing the entire process.

I'm a big fan of all Lester works (who is not?...lol) and I wish I could start developing some fine lettering artworks...
We can see a lot of hand-writing developement, then vectorized.
About the vector-converting process, do you have any, suggestion, tutorials, links, guides, in order to understand the right way to do that?