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Apple Watch UI Font

I'm not much of an Apple fanboy but I couldn't help but notice the font in their watch UI, it seems like a mix of Univers and DIN, like it's engraved, maybe they wanted to suggest a classic machined quality to the product.

A good thing they are drifting away from Helvetica.

Does anyone know something about it?

HELP! Magazine Redesign: Modern Typeface Combination Needed


I'm a newbie in a need of some typo advice from experts as I have become overwhelmed by browsing the web ...

I'm a student and currently redesigning a medical magazine run by a non-profit student organization.

I'm looking for a sans serif for headings (it will also appear on posters) and a serif for long texts (2 columns).
Keywords: economical, legible, modern

Din Modernization

I did intend to post here before it was finished asking for comments and alike, but now it's done already.

For learning fontlab studio I took my favourite font DIN 1451 and added some ligatures. When the course entitled "Project work" came around I had already set my mind to either doing my own complete font, or modernizing DIN as far as time would allow me to. The course gave me 100 hours, but I likely put in closer to twice that.

Looking for a serif font that matches DIN (LightAlternate)

Hello everybody,

i am currently writing a tutorial book about 3D design with an artistic spirit in design and typo and so on. Most of the papers in categories that have a lot to do with computers etc are not that much enjoyable to read according to layout and design :)
which i cannot understand because 3D professionals actually should provide a certain sense for design!

however, i decided to use DIN LightAlternate or RegularAlternate for text and now am looking for a nice contrasting serif font for headlines!
I already considered Big Caslon, Mrs Eaves and Perpetua Titling but I don't know... probably they are still too boring (?)

RONA typeface

I'm trying to ID this typeface used in RONA's advertising. It has a very technical edge to it. Reminds me of a DIN and some of T-26's and Lineto's work. Also shares properties with Eurostile and such. I figured someone here may be able to pinpoint it.

Page-per-week calendar design

All right, here's a calendar I made.

Yes, it's designed for use in the USA (specifically for the vicinity of New Haven, Connecticut), but I did it on A4 paper for a reason I will get to.

I do not like conventional wall calendars. I think that they have both too much and too little information, and are badly formatted. So I made my own.

I used DIN because I wanted to be able to read the numbers from across the room and I figured a road sign font would take care of that. I also wanted a font that was relatively tall and narrow so that it would leave maximum space for writing notes.

Is there a typeface like this?

Hello everybody, i'm a graphic designer and illustrator from Italy. It's my first post here, I hope this is the right section for this request...

I'm looking for a font made like this, without any success.

Obviously the flickering line is only due to my sketching, it should be precise and geometric instead, with monoweighted line, vertical proportions and straight vertical lines. Somewhere between DIN, Vitesse, Stratum, Isonorm and Geogrotesque... these at least are the most similar ones i found in these months. Lower case and different weights are welcome.
I could draw it by myself, but i would take too long for a decent result, so I ask if there are similar fonts, I think i saw it somewhere but can't find it now.

Any advice?

Thanks :)




My new project, a compact, solidly constructed realist sans serif that draws its influences from Germany.

It's only got one weight right now (hopefully over time I'll make this a large font family with 6 or 7 weights). I'd love some help getting the rhythm and consistency just right. I can spend hours just focused on one glyph, so it's hard to remember sometimes how crucial rhythm, weight and color are as well.

I just built it from scratch in 48 hours, but any input would be much appreciated!


! UPDATE (2/21): New pdf here!

Reverse Type ID Help.

Hi Everyone,

I'm brand new to typography and just starting my first typography 1 course; one of our assignments is to find print examples of typefaces from a list composed by my instructor. I've found nearly all of them (14/18) but I'm having trouble finding these last 4. I just bought the latest editions of In Style, Details, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour to try and find adverts with these typefaces but I'm not really having any luck training my eye up. I've spent the last two days combing through newspaper adverts, yellow pages adverts, and these magazines and it hasn't jumped out at me. So here are the typefaces I'm looking for:

Times New Roman

and I could do with a better example of Eurostile but it isn't necessary... Thanks to anyone that could help me out.

Corporate font for digital / interactive / branding agency.

I am looking for a nice and modern sans serif for my company. Any suggestions?

The following fonts I like, but they are just not it..

Helvetica (Duah)

FF Max
Soho Gothic
Neo Sans

Maybe something with digital/tech like rounded corners like barrister (only without the clumsiness :P)

Homage or plagiarism?

Hello fellow typophiles!

With my first post I come to present you the new corporate font of the Centro Portugues de Design (Portuguese Design Center). It`s not a Design ruling body per se, but it`s probably the most important organization for design in Portugal.

In the attached image you can see their new sans serif corporate font, CPD Sans, designed by Hugo d`Alte in 2009 or 2010.

They presented this font on their Facebook page and I immediately recognized it and made a little comparison with FF DIN, which i`m sure everyone here knows.

I pasted their image and wrote the same set of characters on top of it, using FF DIN, size 34pt. The kerning is exactly the same.