Running into a strange issue on a font I am working on for a client. Created fractions, and the 1/8 fraction will not show up in the glyph palette in Illustrator, but will show up in InDesign (all other fractions I created show up properly). Is this an Adobe/AI/INDD issue or am I doing something wrong in FLS?

Also, the "notequal" glyph shows up incorrectly in AI (showing up as a glyph that I didn't create), but shows up as the proper glyph in INDD (see attached image- correct glyph is the top image).

Anyone run into this, and have a fix/solution?

Thanks for your help.

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Missing characters?

I am a rookie at fontlab - and i have run into a problem.
I made a otf with some kerning pairs. But when I try to use it in Indesign or Illustrator three characters are missing. Its really strange because I can use the font in Pages without problems.
I have no clue how this happened or how to fix it - so advice is much appreciated! (help!)

Thanks in advance :)

We are using ITC New Baskerville and InDesign for a semi-annual publication, unaware that this font set lacked several Greek symbols (e.g., kappa, chi, omega). A new ITC New Baskerville Pro version may add a few Greek symbols, but none of those mentioned. We can make do with substituting another font, if we have to, but a bigger problem arises in translating from an original document in WORD Times Roman to ITC New Baskerville in InDesign. This process leaves no marker specific to the original Greek symbol.


(1) is there a complete ITC New Baskerville font set available that has the key Greek symbols needed for statistics?

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