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ITC New Baskerville

Bizarre spacing problem with Baskerville quotation marks


I've just purchased the URW++ version of Baskerville, and I'm encountering a bizarre problem when using quotation marks. Oddly, the same problem seems to exist in ITC Baskerville — but not in other typefaces.
I've uploaded a screenshot to show what's happening. For some reason, the quotation marks in Baskerville have far too much space around them. I can't manually correct the problem by adjusting the tracking on the character, either.
Again, this is only happening in Baskerville, and I'm using a brand new version that I just purchased from Linotype.

Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, did you find a solution?

Missing Greek Characters ITC New Baskerville


We are using ITC New Baskerville and InDesign for a semi-annual publication, unaware that this font set lacked several Greek symbols (e.g., kappa, chi, omega). A new ITC New Baskerville Pro version may add a few Greek symbols, but none of those mentioned. We can make do with substituting another font, if we have to, but a bigger problem arises in translating from an original document in WORD Times Roman to ITC New Baskerville in InDesign. This process leaves no marker specific to the original Greek symbol.


(1) is there a complete ITC New Baskerville font set available that has the key Greek symbols needed for statistics?