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Font pairing for Maiola


Hello Typophiles,

I'm designing a book using Maiola as the main typeface. The book is an essay on the nature & purpose of art and an analysis of a few key pieces from different traditions: a Lohan, an ancient Egyptian sculpture, a Vermeer, a Rembrandt, etc. I feel the Czech references in Maiola suit the author and his conversational style. I also think it's a fine typeface.

I'm using Maiola throughout, but for captions, space is limited. I'd like to use a condensed sans, but I'm struggling to find something that really complements Maiola.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Maiola supports polytonic Greek


Veronika Burian's multi-award winning type family Maiola has grown even bigger. Its Pan-European OpenType Pro version now supports, in addition to Cyrillic and Latin A, full polytonic Greek. The calligraphic details of Maiola collaborate gracefully with each of the three scripts and generate a sense of consistent personality that creates a welcoming tension on the page. The polytonic extension was done by Greek specialist Irene Vlachou.

More information about Maiola on our web

New Release: Maiola Book & Book Italic


We added a new Book style with its accompanying italic to our successful type family Maiola. It is darker in colour, making reading an even more pleasant experience. Additionally, responding to customer feedback, we have also designed a whole set of symbols used to set logic. Customers who have purchased the Maiola Bundle and would like to add the Book styles, are welcome to a special offer. Please contact us, if interested.

More information on our website

Rosetta Type Foundry announcement


Rosetta Type Foundry announced (Press release)
Strong focus on multi-script typography

Brno, Czech Republic (February 2011) The new independent type foundry Rosetta released its website (www.rosettatype.com) and online store on January 2011. The foundry intends to provide typefaces for new and rapidly growing markets that require special language support for particular orthographies, languages and writing systems.

Rosetta was created by David Březina and the prolific duo responsible for the successful foundry TypeTogether (www.type-together.com), Veronika Burian and José Scaglione. The three Co-Founders are graduates of the University of Reading, which has a long standing tradition of research in non-latin typography.