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Bodoni classification?

How would you classify Bodoni and Didot? What's the narrowest classification? Many sources label them only as modern. Like here:

But "modern" is a quite wide classification. Today many new fonts are inspired by Bodoni and to label them all as modern is just blunt.

# Sorry if this question already exists in the forum, but there is no advanced search function so I can't find any matching thread.

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a project which needs italics with a little more oomph to them, and I'm looking for something in the transitional or modern forms. My point of departure in this search is the new Didot Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes completed for Vanity Fair. According to their own blog on the commission, the drawings they built their didone from revive a specific letterer's cuts: Molé Le Jeune.

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Port Vintage

Hi guys

Just released my latest typeface - Port Vintage - expanded upon the original Port.

Port Vintage is a new typeface expanded upon the original Port typeface, released in 2013, and being an experimental Didone typeface with a modern twist, inspired by the well known forms of typography masters such as Bodoni and Didot and the exuberance and elegance of calligraphy typefaces.

Hi! I'm in search of the typeface used for signage all over Venezia, as the one showed in the picture. In the last Biennale di Architettura, designer John Morgan used it as inspiration for the biennale posters and branding typeface. It sure is much like Didot, but then is worked as stencil, like Charrette (which is mainly associated with Le Corbusier) and which is heavier and thicker than the one used in Venezia... I've done a basic search and found no information on the matter. Could you please help me out?
Thank you all!

I like Didot and was hoping to have my web designer use it on my website. My one hesitation is because it is such a high contrast font that it doesn't look as nice small as it does large. I came across H&FJ Didot which has "Optical Sizes' which is a concept I really like, but since I am not a graphic designer I don't know how big of a difference the "Optical Sizes" will really make on a website. I really only will need at max maybe 8 styles of Didot, but the H&FJ Didot only sells theirs in a package of 42 styles (because of the optimized fonts) so it is quite a bit pricier than other Didot fonts I have looked at (like Linotype Didot on myfonts.com)


Knowing even one of these would be helpful. Especially the Jill and Matt fonts. Thanks!

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Pairing a HTF Didot


I am looking for a text serif font to pair with HTF Didot. Any suggestion?


Hi I am doing a large high profile signage project using Annlie. Can anybody point me to anything well known where it has been used. I have to do a presentation about it. Also does anybody know anything other than whats on the linotype site about its creator Fred Lambert? Any interesting stuff at all on Annlie would be gratefully recieved.

Thank you.

Hi everybody,

first I'm going to briefly introduce myself (silent reader and observer for a longer time, now finally joined):
My name is Cornelia but I prefer to be called Conny, I'm 26 and studying media design at Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (Cologne), what I really enjoy, it is a great experience with a lot of demandful tasks. Like the one I could need your help:

My topic will need some space.
I am planning on printing a booklet that contains a potrait about the "Didot" font. (I'm afraid my English is a bit rusty, please don't hesitate to correct me in case of failing at technical terms.)

It is a task at my typography discipline (Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln). Every student does another font.

Hey all!

This is my first post, so be gentle. My professor, Pablo Medina, suggested this place to ask for some insight on a research paper I'm doing.

I'm basically in the formative throws right now, but I'm working towards some sort of thesis. I'm thinking about discussing how Bodoni as a transitional typeface bridges the gap between serif and sans serif fonts, and/or something else to do with its place in history.

As I said-- formative throws.

My main point of posting here is to ask if you guys can recommend any good sources, print or otherwise, for me to read up on the history and help myself get as close to a perfect grade as possible!

Anything would be appreciated, even just insight.


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Didot numeral weights

I'm using HTF Didot because it has variations on serif weights, but the numerals are funky. Does anyone know if a Linotype-style Didot exists with numerals that correspond to the different HTF weights? Thanks!

Does anyone know what this Didone font is?
Many Thanks!

didot is so close to this but no cigar. its not any type of bodoni I've found or walbaum. any thoughts?

Hello Typophile forum members,
I am asking assistance identifying this font. It's very similar to Didot but has a much more sleek/modern appeal. This font appears to be gaining popularity recently in a lot of fashion editorial. Thanks in advance for your help and consideration! :)

Hello Typophile forum members,
I am asking assistance identifying this font. It's very similar to Didot but has a much more sleek/modern appeal. This font appears to be gaining popularity recently in a lot of fashion editorial. Thanks in advance for your help and consideration! :)

I need help identifying the font in the attached jpeg. Anyone? Thanks!


I'm currently writing an essay which includes some short case studies of typefaces. I would like to include Didot as one of them but I cant seem to find out that much information about its history.

I already know some bits about the typeface and its designer but I'm struggling for its context really - I dont know anything about what else was happening at the time and what made both didot and bodoni both design such similar typefaces at similar points in history?

Thanks for any help, Rick

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I know this falls under "modern" faces, and my best guess would be Didot. It would, though, be nice to be confirmed or else find out the correct face.


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Didot? Shaded?


I have two questions concerning the typeface the upper part of the text, i.e. "NO.357 | L.17", is set in:

1. My best guess is that it is Didot. Am I right?

2. Irrespective of the answer to the first question, what keyword should I be using when searching for typefaces with lines running through the strokes of characters as in this sample? I thought "shaded" would be a good starting point, and it indeed got me some good results. Could you suggest any other keywords that will get me typefaces similar to the one used in the image?


I'd like to ID the type on these book covers.

I've tried WhatTheFont but it doesn't suggest a match.
I've also emailed the designer – will post if I get a reply!


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Gotham, Didot, and DIN

What say you guys to matching Gotham with Didot for logotype and then DIN for body copy?

Hello! Which version is this? The serifs are perfectly flat, so initially I thought it was Berthold Antiqua. But the "a" doesn't look like. Source

I have another question, not related to Bodoni: is there a way to subscribe to certain posts (or to all posts one has participated in), in such a way that every time there's an activity/reply to one's post or post one has replied in, an email notification be sent? Sorry, but I couldn't find anything in help, nor did I get any reply to my email sent to the webmaster. Thanks much in advance.

I'm not sure if anything like this has been asked before, but here goes.

When did Didone faces become associated with fashion/glamor, and why?

Any recognizes this wonderful typeface?


I found these cute buttons for a couple of typefaces with the names spelled phonetically. The colors are classic, looks like CMYK and RGB. I'm a collector so I had to have one of each color. Anyone know of any other merch out there like this?


Akzidenz Grotesk

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