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free font

Gidole sans


I'm creating this and would love some feedback. The typeface will be free and with multiple weights when done.

I haven't done any kerning and the spacing is very rough. Focus right now is on getting the glyphs as I want them and trying to do some optical corrections.

See the pdf's for more detail and sample text.

New free font SONAR SCRIPT


I've just released a new free font called SONAR SCRIPT available for free download at the Floodfonts website. If you want to see more in-use examples you are invited to visit the Behance project: http://bit.ly/103LIko

SONAR SCRIPT is a modular, experimental typeface that plays with the idea to fold a line of text from a continuous strip of paper. In spite of its technical and contemporary appearance, the overall impression of the typeface is unusual and very characteristic! SONAR SCRIPT works really well to create grid-based, geometric layouts with large letters or to design logotypes.

New version of the Hebrew Font Shuneet

I have just released the Hebrew Font Shuneet Version 2.0
which now includes a family of different weights. These are Shuneet Light, Shuneet Thin, Shuneet Book, Shuneet Normal, Shuneet Demi and Shuneet Heavy. Each has a matching set of Latin and numeric characters.

There has been some discussion in this forum as to what 'matching' should mean in this context. I take it to mean that a block of Hebrew text and a block of English text should look well together. Also foreign words or sentences embedded in a block of Hebrew text should not detract from the appearance of the Hebrew.

New Font: Montressor

My hip collegian daughter is always pushing me to make fonts which she thinks will fit the design trends of the day, which seems to come down to fonts which would look good in the monogram on the side of the Adams Family’s hearse, on an Ed Hardy t-shirt or tattooed on the back of a contestant on Tool Academy. Ok, that’s the extent of my second-hand contemporary cultural literacy.

FREE FONT: More FREE high quality fonts


More high quality fonts from TypeTogether

The OpenType version, full commercial licence, of Rue Display Semibold can be downloaded free of charge. As a part of TypeTogether's permanent efforts to promote and encourage high quality typography we are distributing this FREE COMMERCIAL LICENCE of Rue Display Semibold, the beautiful organic sans serif designed by Winnie Tan.

download: http://www.type-together.com/index.php?action=carro/getFreeFont_3

Sinder Font


From the designer:
Sinder began life as a custom block font that was begging to be distressed. Of course it was only an experiment, not to be taken seriously, until a customer needed a face of just about these proportions to give his "paranormal investigation" hobby an appropriately scary image. It was out of necessity, then, that I finished the entire font. It never pays to be caught off-guard at a critical point in a layout.

<em>Available from MyFonts...</em>

<em>or for the try me free for personal use version...</em>