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Multiweight script families - Help with PhD

Hello everyone,
I am currently writing a dissertation on type technology, focused on developing a workflow for creating multiweight script/cursive families utilizing Multiple Master technology and some Metafont/Metapost techniques. To be more precise my objective is help the designer in creating calligraphy and brush scripts – of the kind which weight cannot be just changed without complete redrawing (you can’t just move stems around).

Licensing and the future of type design - dissertation


I'm currently working on a final year dissertation on the subject of type design and the legal framework/ins and outs of utilising typefaces and fonts, and was looking to get some broad insights from people in the Typophile community.

The question is as follows:

Given the current commercial and legal environment for typography, what scope is there to simplify licensing to facilitate the broader use of type?

This is particularly with regard to having to stipulate all the font usages in advance when there are many unforeseen elements within the design process, and also a simplification for use by non-designers might help access a new market (purchasing as a commodity - essentially license free with the aim of reducing piracy?)

Thesis Fonts Basics


We see a number of thesis/dissertation fonts discussions. I have never done one, and am curious about the underlying assumptions, which never seem to be discussed.

Who is the target audience? Is it a small group of professors who evaluate the thesis? Or every one in the design, chemistry, whatever program at the school? Or everyone in the world interested in that subject? Or the kind people who paid for the schooling? Or other? Is there a primary and secondary audience?

Are we talking about a printed document, or a pdf document viewed on a screen, or both? If both, does it get re-typeset for a different medium? Are these professionally typeset or mostly done by the student?

Typography Dissertation. Advice needed

Hi there, i am currently in my third year at university studying graphic design and have recently started my dissertation.

I have decided on an area of which i would like to focus on however the subject area has been covered before and continues to be discussed in the design industry of late.

I would like to base my dissertation on print and pixel and where the two are heading. However i am really struggling on pin pointing one aspect within such a large subject (help?). For me print publishing will always appeal to me, the aesthetic value of a well designed publication is what print is all about. Its why I love what i do.

Now i have discussed and brainstormed the subject with my tutor. But if anyone can provide me with further advice then it would be greatly appreciated.