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Pairing Chaparral Pro with Prenton or Soleil

I am trying to fond a good pair for Chaparral Pro, currently I combined it with Brandon Grotesque on my site, but I am far from happy. I am thinking about Prenton or Soleil. Chaparral and Prenton seem to have similar characteristics (look at lowercase a, double story g, etc.) but I am just not sure whether their personalities clash a bit? Soleil's geometric forms seem to play well with Chapparal Pro (I don't want to use Proxima Nova), but I am not sure this combo is exactly what I am looking for. I want to have something professional, yet playful.
Below are examples of both combos.

Any thoughts on these two, or you have some other ideas?

Sneak peek: Soleil, the new side of geometric sans


Talented Austrian designer Wolfgang Homola brings us Soleil, an innovative and fresh geometric sans serif that stands out among its peers. While Soleil's letter shapes take advantage of concepts behind mathematics and geometrical construction to inspire their appearance, it is its careful design process and attention to legibility that provides fluidity and cohesiveness to the typeface. Soleil promises great performance in a wide range of applications, from wayfinding to editorial design.