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the Type for our Age

Hello Everybody,

Short: would you think a Sans-Serif, Futura, Bifur Type describes our time today?

I have a question which I would be very grateful if you could give me an answer to, a tip, your point of view. I am about to do my Bachelor this semester and I would like to do a Font Specimen 'in/with' pictures i.e involving human faces/models. It should be something like bringing fashion photography and typography together, on both booklet and poster.

I wanted to do something for the age, like portraying a feeling of today, like contemporary people.
For me - and of course for all of us I can guess - Types are more than just Fonts, forms and words put together, there is a soul, a character behind and there is only one accurate or the right one for a topic.

Type ID Cold Case Files: April 2009

Type ID Cold Case Files: April 2009

OK Folks, by now you know the drill. These are all zero-response type ID requests from April 2009. If you can resolve one, post your answer on the respective thread and let us know back here so we can track the results.

Can you get these? We'll (re)start the clock at the date/time of this posting.

Ready.. Set.. Go!


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