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Geography meets typography


The world in words. Starting as an experiment, it turned out to be an exciting product. Finally available here: http://www.typomaps.net

The Typomaps are awarded with the IF Design Award and are nominated for the Design- award of the Federal Republik of Germany 2011.

The Typomaps are handset, and not automatically generated by computer program. Thereby we achieved an astonishing closeness to the conventional worldmap. For the type-interessted people: we used the font „Helvetica Neue Black Condensed“.

ecoLOGIC Poster Brief [part 1]

I got a brief the other day that is basically aimed at promoting; saving the earth. My first thoughts about it was, great, this should be pretty straight forward to research and generate ideas from.
So, I got right onto having a little mind-mapping session on my, freshly bought, layout pad. It went pretty well the mind-mapping as I got a fairly strong idea to start off with, not that it mattered at this stage, since I now needed to go and do some research to fill the empty gaps of knowledge I was missing out on. The research proved useful, as always. I now had some more ideas, some good, or so I think, and some bad, pretty standard at this point.

Two New Releases From Greater Albion


Here are samples of Greater Albion Typefounders' latest two releases, which have just launched on myfonts.com and fontspring.com.

Paragon is a display Roman family of nine faces, combining elements of formality and fun. It embodies a high degree of contrast between near hairline horizontal strokes and bold vertical strokes. The family is offered in three widths and in regular, small capitals and title faces. Use Paragon to lend impact to your next design project.

Looking for some feedback on a poster I'm working on

Hi guys, I'm working on this poster showcasing some of the characteristic typefaces of Amsterdam and would really appreciate some feedback on the design so far. It's not finished yet, I'm considering changing some of the letters but it would be nice to have some opinions regarding the overall look of it so far. Thanks!

Bigger image - http://diogotovar.com/portfolio/images/XXX-type-BIG.jpg

Typeface suggestions for a Scientific Poster

Hey everyone,

New to the forums here, been browsing and using this site for years but never posted. I'm after some advice for what fonts to use for my conference poster.

OK I'm presenting an A0 poster at an antarctic research conference and am getting tired of my usual Caslon/Helvetica-Neue combo and wanted to change things up a bit.

Obviously its a little difficult to describe whet I have in mind. Its a science poster, thinking cooler colors, lots of white as it will have a few hairline diagrams on it.

Minimalist Star Wars Poster Typeface

Hey, working on some infographics/graphic design projects, and came across this (in the attachments) while doing some creative research.

I was just wondering if anyone could name the font used for both the main titles, and the "Cloud City" part in the "Bespin" poster. Thanks!

Here is the guys Flickr page - http://www.flickr.com/photos/justinvg/

Here is the "Bespin" poster - http://www.flickr.com/photos/justinvg/4326894848/in/set-72157623510187553/

(x) Typeface from a Robert Crumb poster (not hand lettering). I've looked everywhere. Help me Typophile. - Marvin {Rainer}

I've seen this type many times in my youth on TV station promos and now here's a hard copy I found on this http://Robert Crumb poster. I went through thousands of online fonts (which isn't a chore, exactly) and uploaded it to the various automated type ID sites but am still without clue. I've also seen it a lighter variant.

Thanks in advance. You guys are great.

34 Typographic Sins Poster


Typographic sins are those little things novice designers, students and Mr. and Mrs. Desktop Publisher always do with type. You know, putting 2 spaces between sentences, using dumb quotes instead of smart quotes, etc. Well, in an effort to educate the public (or at least entertain those of us who know better), I have designed a poster with 34 typographic sins that I hope people don't commit. Some, like those mentioned above are obvious, others are a little more obscure. I letterpressed my poster at Rowley Press and you can purchase them on my web site: jimgodfreydesign.com.

Sinder Font


From the designer:
Sinder began life as a custom block font that was begging to be distressed. Of course it was only an experiment, not to be taken seriously, until a customer needed a face of just about these proportions to give his "paranormal investigation" hobby an appropriately scary image. It was out of necessity, then, that I finished the entire font. It never pays to be caught off-guard at a critical point in a layout.

<em>Available from MyFonts...</em>

<em>or for the try me free for personal use version...</em>