Dear sir or ma'am:

Thank you for your time and I am humbled by the many creative and graphical artists on the Typophile forum. I am seeking your expertise on kerning advice on the font in the embedded logo for my personal photography project. The colors are inspired from the actual flag of India. I found the Pantone colors that appears on the actual Indian flag.

Hi guys,

I just created a new custom logotype for one of my friend, it's somewhat final already, but I think it would be good if I could get some feedback/opinion from other person. I'd like to know what might be improved, which is I can still do. This might be useful for my upcoming project as well.

Here is the link

I hope some of you could give me a constructive feedback, I'm new here, please tell me if anything wrong with my post


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Technology font?

Hi there,
I've been trawling through foundries looking for some 'new' stunning technology bias typefaces. Has anyone seen anything that looks amazing?


Hi Folks!

Long time ago, i viewed a logo on Behance that inspired by Chinese character "Ren" which means man/people. It was amazing!
I was stunned by it because i think it's rare for western logo / designer using chinese character as the inspiration or element. Please anyone who knows some references about this kind of logo(type), would you like to tell me?

P.S: anyone guess know the logo i had viewed on Behance? Bacause i have an all night seaching on Behance and i can'f found it again because i forgot anything but the logo looks like (see bellow)

Anyone know what typeface this is?


Anyone know what typeface this is?


I´m in search of examples where a logotype and a brandmark are used separately. Preferable fashion or luxury brands (but not a must).

To be more specific I´m looking for examples where the standalone brandmark is used rather consistently. A lot of fashion brands uses their logotype as the main logo and the standalone brandmark for special occasions – not as a part of their main branding elements.

The best example I have so far is Strellson. On strellson.com its rather evident that: 1. the two things are used apart and 2. the brandmark is used actively and rather consistently as part of the branding. On chanel.com for example the brandmark isn´t really used – only the logotype.

I'm currently working on the logotype for author Ethan Risso, and I would really appreciate other sets of eyes to see how it is looking so far. Thanks in advance!

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Suggestions please

Howdy crew, we're currently hunting for some branding typefaces for our screen design and animation outfit called.

While we've got some type directions in place that we're happy with, I thought I'd open it out to you knowledgeable folk to offer suggestions of typefaces that might hit the mark.

As a business we sit somewhere between a creative animation studio (Frankfurter) and a sharp, design-led VFX company (modified Baskerville Old Face). While the worlds are seemingly polar opposites, we feel there might be some middle ground worth exploring.

So ... with that little tidbit of info, got any suggestions of faces?
Fire away with any questions too.



Hey Typophilers,

It has been a few years since jumping on here, but I am in need of your help. Could you typographers give me any criticism on this rebranded wordmark that I have been developing. It is for the people search engine, known as Spokeo and is supposed to encompass a product that searches social media content to criminal records. There is a lot of brand strategy and thought that went into this wordmark, but rather than include that I want to include a simple neutral greyscale version rather than a sales pitch.

Here is a brief rundown of what the brand is trying to encompass:

· A company with all the tools to allow you to search for people and connect with them.

· A company that exhibits integrity and transparency and is trusted by consumers.


Does anyone know what typeface this is?


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Ibanez Guita Co. logotype


Does anyone know what typeface this is?


Hi all!
Here is a pic of the Tabio logotypeTabio logo.
Tabio is a japanese producer of socks.
Considering the typography, more as a group of glyphs than as a business-related symbol, what do you think about this combination of styles between "T" and "abio"?

So the short story here is that I've inherited this logotype on a project and the designer used Levenim MT to set the Latin characters. However, that's a Hebrew font:

What's the best way to approach this?
- Should I attempt to find and substitute a Latin font with identical glyphs? If so, which one?
- Should I just accept that Levenim MT was chosen for its Latin character set?

It's a geometric sans serif and I don't believe the Latin characters are from Futura, because the lower case 'c' has terminals cut radially rather than vertically-sheared.

I've run into this problem occasionally and the more general question I have is:
Are the Latin characters displayed in non-Latin fonts:

Hi everyone,

A friend of mines is starting a small side business making making custom volumes (holds) for climbing gyms. The idea here is that all of his products are made from triangles, so all of the typography is derived from a 30,60,90 triangle.The name of the company is Irujo.

I am trying to put together a solid logo for him to use and I would love to hear some feedback from everyone. Feel free to critique color palette, typographic form, and readability.

Also, The logo needs to work printed and as a stencil to spray paint onto the products.

You’d think a typophile website would credit their logotype on the footer—but they don’t. Anyone know what typeface is used (or who custom lettered the type) for this websites header? Thanks.


I need to know which typeface this is...it looks familiar but I don't have a match in my font collection. Anyone recognize this?

Hi There

I'm looking for some help designing a logo for the family business which is a string quartet. I've been studying graphic design for a couple of years now but I feel like I've hardly dipped my toe into the world of type!

Basically the quartets uniqueness comes from the amount of experience it has (over 25yrs) and the range of music it plays from
classical to pop and film soundtracks. I'm after a font which is nice and modern, but also has a feeling of experience and many years under its belt. Mostly playing for weddings, it has to fit into the classy image the couples are looking for.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Logotype Help

Hey everyone,

I’m working on polishing a logotype for a client and could use your help pointing out any areas to clean up. I’m rather new at modifying type. The original face is Fling.

Also, I’m looking for the right serif to use for body copy with this, hopefully something that’s classy and modern but maybe with some feminine character. Hopefully with a nice small cap variation.

Thanks for your help!

When merely "extended" just would not do, here is Paragraph Stretch™: a super extended or elongated geometric display typeface. It is a modular unicase typeface: the capitals and lower case fit the same height and width, so they are interchangeable: fancy a round "W" in all caps? Use the lower case. Want a straight "x" in lower case? Use the cap. And so on. Designed for use at larger sizes for logotypes, short titles or headings. It supports Western plus Nordic, Eastern European and Turkish languages.

Available from MyFonts.

Hello, I've been working on some custom lettering that could potentially be used for our agency's corporate identity (if it turns out good enough). I'm at the point where I've been tweaking it and staring at it way too long, and can't tell what's working and what's not. Any feedback on overall balance, consistency, weight, color, etc. would be much appreciated. I'm not a type designer, so please don't omit any obvious issues!

(Don't pay any mind to the words themselves. They are just randomly chosen so I'm not showing everyone who I work for.)


So, if I can identify this font that would be great, but I'm guessing that it's a custom job, so if I can find something similar, or even samples of similar stuff that isn't font based, or EVEN just somewhere to start looking for inspiration so I can start from scratch myself, that would be awesome.

The main thing I want to replicate for a logo job I'm working on is a fun retro script, that doesn't look like it's trying really hard to be retro. The thing I like most about the Grill'd logotype is that the variation in width across the typeface is very subtle, and not overly calligraphic.

Their website is http://www.grilld.com.au/ if anyone wants to look deeper into it. Any pointers leading in any direction would be much appreciated!

Indian Telecom giant Airtel had a recent Identity makeover.
The new logotype is here:
Does that look like some existing/modified typeface?
Searched MyFonts, FontShop and few others to no avail.
Thank you for the help.

Hey typophiles, I've got another logotype that near to completion. This one has been really difficult for me so I really need your guys eyes on this.

I've been asked to create a logotype for a wool felt and leather iPhone, iPad, MacBook Sleeve accessory maker who also makes really nice leather bags. She has become very popular on Etsy and has created quite a name for herself, and thought it was time to get a custom mark. She was formerly an architect and applies her clean modern aesthetic to all her pieces. She asked me to create a custom logotype that would reflect her taste and design ethos.

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Cruzan Rum logotype

An existing font perhaps? ...or from scratch?

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