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Generating a font in Fontographer

After I generate a font in Fontographer the curves don't look so smooth anymore. I was wondering if any of you had a similar problem. The curves look all nice and smooth when i drew them. I first drew them in Illustrator and then import them in Fontographer where they also look nice. They don't look so nice after I generate the font and I zoom in, the fine details I mean.

Thank you

How to automatically create lighter version of an existing typeface?

One of my design student wants to generate a lighter version of a typeface so that he can get more open space in counters to address his design issue. I've recommended him to explore Fontographer. Is there any other software which can do this job automatically since he is a graphic design student and can not draw typeface from scratch.

Single Line typeface


Hey all,

Still kind of new here so please excuse my amateur questions. But there's a couple things I'm wanting to do.

We do a lot of engraving on a router where I work. And this is mainly just me being curious. Is there a way in FontLab or anything other building tool, to design a single line typeface, so that it keeps the same stroke width through different point sizes?

For example, at 72pt, the typeface will appear thin, but when dropped down the say 6-8pt, the typeface will appear heavier. What I would like to do be able to do is start designing a font family for different size engraving bits, as well as Regular, Condensed, Expanded variants.

Fontographer kerning issues when generating font


Hi all,

I'm currently designing my first font set in Fontographer and am having an issue when generating it.

Apologies if this has been asked numerous times, but I would appreciate the help.

I've kerned all my individual pairs to a point I'm happy with, but when I generate the font it seems that the changes aren't taking place. I'm viewing in Linotype Fontexplorer. I've also tried activating the font and testing it in Illustrator to check, and I still don't have the kerning I wanted.

Any thoughts?

Problem generating TTF with Fontographer 5.2


Hello everyone. I'm having problems generating a TTF file with Fontographer 5.2 (win8). The system's file preview shows the gliphs distorted and the uploaded font to dafont.com seems deformed. This doesn't happen when I generate a OTF. You can see what I mean in the next images.

Does anyone know whats going on?

Thanks in advance!



dafont.com grid

can you "force" optical kerning in a font? (fontographer)


I am trying to "fix" a font in fontographer, the problem is that the characters are set too wide apart and unless I turn on optical kerning in PS/InD it looks like a disaster. Since I have to pass the font to the client to use for titles in presentations etc. I want to try to fix these issues so they don't have to manally set these properties, and most of the software they use (PPT etc) don't even have those options.

I managed to fix the tracking issue, but not the kerning - is it possible to somehow "force" optical kerning when I export the modified font?
I'm not that good at Fontographer so I'd try to avoid manually setting the kerning for all characters + I think it would take me 2 weeks to finish it and it would still look bad.. :)

Thanks in advance!

Do you know any FOG converter other than FogLamp?

I made my own font in Fontographer 5.1 and "luckily" downloaded FogLamp Demo version and converted font to TTF and installed.I opened Adobe Illustrator,typed few letters and I see these strange discolorations on some characters;watermarks.After I figured out this information,I tried to search for full version of FogLamp on torrentman.com,but nothing was there;so I googled and all you can find is demo version. Does anyone know,where to find any converter that converts FOG files(.fog) without leaving watermarks(possibly full version for free)? Thanks for a lot!

Fontographer 5 kerning classes


Hi all.
I've kerned all 56 characters through Fontographer 5 via the manual kerning pair window. It took a bit but I'm satisfied with the result.
I'm moving on to glyphs with diacritics and realize I don't want to kern the lowercase /a/ 7 times (for each existing pair). I know classes resolve this time issue. How can I access that from Fontographer 5 or from some set .fea file code ("where a then a" for all diacritically marked /a/).
Does this question make sense? I hope I've worded it well enough.
Thanks in advance (for saving me hours).

Looking for somebody to make simple font edits for me


Hi, I have a font that I'm using over and over again for a long running job I'm doing. It's a stylised, letterpress type font, and the baseline is uneven throughout. I'm having to adjust the baseline on each letter every time which is eating my time.

I'm looking for somebody who can quickly edit the font so each letter sits on the same baseline (0), export it and send it back to me ready to use.

I'm willing to pay if the price is very reasonable!


Creating new font on Fontographer 5 out of scanned images


I am attempting to build a unique font on Fontographer 5 out of a serious of scanned images of letters cut out of newspapers (think ransom note style), but it doesn't appear to be possible, the best I can see is importing the images as .eps files then tracing them with the program's pen tool.

Does anyone know if this can be done?

Also, if it can be done, does anyone know a way I can upload several different variations of each letter to appear randomly, so as to prevent them repeating in copy?

Any help would be much appreciated!

programming ligatures


Hi all,
First off, I have zero experience with coding and syntax for proper output.

I have just finished a typeface with the usual ligatures (fl, fi, ffl, ffi, even st & ct) and I want to make the ligatures automatic instead of being forced to navigate to the glyphs palette and manually apply ligatures.

I know the answer is in Robofab or Python but I do not have any experience with them and can't find a decent walk-through in the context of type design, specifically ligatures (since Python does all sorts of applications, type design being one).

Is there not a standard snippet of code that applies to all typefaces that automates the ligatures? "when U+0066 & U+0066 appear consecutively with U+FB00"?
I presume not.

Also, I use Fontographer 5.

Thanks in advance.

Fontographer question: file name

Hi all,
this is a question I will be happy to delete once I know the answer.

I am in Fontographer and saving my .fog file with the name of the font I want, lets call it "font.fog" for now (I don't have a name for the font anyway).

I "generate font files" to an .otf file and it comes out as "Untitled Regular".
everywhere I save the file beforehand, it has a name. how do I tell it what weight+name this file should be as an .otf?


Fontographer or FontLab Studio


I'm looking to get back into type design after being away from it for quite a while.

I'm a bit long in the tooth, (I'm one of the people who can actually remember the last glorious days of hot metal) and when I last had anything to do with font creation on a Macintosh, Fontographer was the industry standard program.

I've just checked the comparison charts between this and FontLab Studio on their website, (which didn't really give me the information that I wanted) and I'm now not sure whether I need to spend the extra money.

Font Name Craziness

I'm having weird things happen with a font name.

I've dabbled with Fontographer over the years to create some architectural fonts for my business (I'm an architect, if that's not obvious). I created a font "ErickTheArchitect 9" in Fontographer, and when it was ready to deploy I saved it as MikitenArch, to match my firm's web address.

I've used the font for 2-3 years with no problems. All of a sudden a few months ago the font showed up missing in some software, getting something else substituted. In other places it reverted somehow back to "ErickTheArchitect 9". In FontBook I've only got ErickTheArchitect 9. Other people in my office continue to use MikitenArch just fine. But I seem to be seeing more and more places where my computer won't accept it.

FontLab Studio vs. Fontographer

This topic was discussed in 2005 but I feel is worth re-visiting since the recent release of fontographer 5. Fontlab has a comparison chart for their entire collection of software which can be located here http://www.fontlab.com/fontlab-products/compare/
I suppose my primary interest is with those who have used the new Fontographer.
One reason the program fell the way side, it would seem, was its lack of support for opentype which is now included in fontographer 5.

Fontographer 5 released


It’s done (at last!):


Looks promising. And in this thread Yuri comments on some of the features that will be included in a coming release and what is already included:


How come there has not been an official press release here already?