Hello all,

I've designed a book in two colors - red and black, mostly text, but some decorative graphics in red. This is my first book in two colors. I worked using CMYK specs, and set the red to 0,100,100,0. However, my printer needs the colors to be selected from the Solid Uncoated Pantone Library. I have had difficulty find the right red to use.

My printer has recommended Pantone 185, but I find this is not intense enough: a bit dull, or faint. Moving up just slightly, to 186 and higher, the colors become too brown.

I have seen books published in red and black ink (liturgical books, predominantly), where the red is bright, clear, and intense. Can someone recommend a good pantone number? Thank you.


I plan to letterpress-print a Xmas card and have a difficulty deciding on the colour. I thought about using Pantone 877U or Black 7U.

The card will be printed on a 100% cotton stock and printer claims silver (PMS 877) doesn't look silver but greyish due to the paper high absorbability factor. However, I've found an example online that looks quite good...

I haven't seen any sample myself and don't have time to organise one so I have to trust someone... Anyone have an opinion on how silvery the uncoated silver is? Anyone used 877 or Black 7 on 100% cotton paper? Does it look different form normal grey/black? Would you recommend using it?

Thanks in advance!

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