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Type foundries offering iOS embeddable fonts?

Hello everyone - first post here.

I was wondering if anyone had a list of Type foundries offering iOS embeddable fonts? I've been doing alot of research lately on fonts and applications and there is so much mixed information out there on the licenses. I design a good amount of apps and want to make sure I'm giving the foundries their credit.

I'd be interested in creating a list here for paid, open source, etc in iOS fonts?


Enjoy non-suicidal letter shape on your mobile / cellphone

Enjoy non-suicidal letter shape on your mobile / cellphone. Why use a
suicidal shape k/K on the 11th english language letter, see:
http://Kalphabet.googlepages.com, when you could use a non-suicidal
letter shape alternative i.e. क/क in lower and upper cases? [choose
UTF-8 on your internet browser’s character encoding if you are unable
to see the new shape]

That is exactly what I did by using Symbian S60 v5 operating system
mobile / cellphone. I had been searching for an easy font alteration
on the mobile / cellphone in Britain. I had searched Android
operating system phones and there was either (1) rooting the phone
which required some technical ability and also involved some risकs or
(2) contracting or buying the expensive Samsung Galaxy S range or a

Gameloft used a fan copy/mod of existing copyrighted/commercial font in an upcoming game

That's right. Gameloft is using Celestia Medium Redux, a fan modification of copyrighted Generation B. Someone needs to stop them.

Generation B, made by Harold's Fonts, is inspired by film logos and posters between 1950s and 1960s. It is one of the official fonts of Hasbro's current My Little Pony line up of toys, media franchise and official merchandises. It's also in the subtitle part of the logo of the current generation's well-known cartoon show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Type ID via Twitter: @typeid

For those of you who are using Twitter, you can now submit Type IDs to this board!

Type ID requests from your mobile have never been easier. Snap the pic,and use your mobile twitter client to tweet "@typeid {message and picture link}" and they will show up on the right sidebar of the TypeID page.

We're working on a way to integrate these requests into the message board. Until then, feel free to tweet these requests back to their submitters using Twitter.

Please spread the word!

Typophile Mobile

Fellow Typophiles,

I've been working on a pet project lately to get a useful mobile experience for Typophile — for those moments when you're on the go and want to get a quick snapshot of what's happening. The design allows you to quickly browse through the latest posts, and jump to the site to get involved if something catches your eye.

It's just a start, but the project has already undergone a number of improvements and revisions, and I'd love to get your thoughts for where you'd like to see it evolve.


Screenshots (iPhone):