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font submission; free fonts

Typographic problem, student in need.

Hi There,

I've got a brief to make a small book/booklet in the style of a "Dockers Workbook" celebrating one man (union leader Walt Cunningham's) life on the docks of Hull between 1950's-1980's.

i have been looking everywhere for a nice clear legible serif typeface to use for my body copy , i found one that i loved FF Scala Pro Regular http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/downloads/fontfont/ff_scala_pro/ it works n perfectly with the ethos of my type having been use in books depicting democratic revolutions/movements and in Museum booklets.The elegance of this typeface is exactly what i need but don't have the € 299.00 to purchase it on a student's income.

Free fonts submission sites: Instant and Wait

Please say if you have information about websites offering free font submission both instant and wait ones. Are there some websites that the font community recommends, please post at this forum or email font -at- k . st

(p.s. this email account has an inactive cancellation policy thus possible could change hands for this or other reasons if anyone contacts later)