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Since years, Arabic fonts used in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for elementary - preparatory school's level are used locally in Arab countries.

However, Dr. Lazrak and his team (UCAM, Morocco) presented some interesting reviews for different used systems through the Arab World and, I think, they applied it to LaTex.

Currently, with STIX fonts arriving to good maturity, I think it is time to work on this project and we, @ Aratypo, welcome any person who would like to share with us thoughts and efforts in order to realize this font.

Thanking you in advance.

About STIX:

The attached sampler is not for Latin, or any other language, except that of Nature.
I designed it to illustrate my physics theory. Recently it was used it to good advantage to illustrate my essay "Is Reality Digital Or Analog? Physics Is Undecided - A Beautiful Universe Theory Answers" for a contest. Please feel free to download the pdf, rate and give your opinions about it on the contest website here.
Below is a typical illustration from the paper.
The full original 2005 paper "Beautiful Universe" can be downloaded from
here; the first sections of both papers are not too technical and can be understood by the layperson. The rest I myself just barely understand!

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Video preview:

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