client's brand used for final output


Apologies for the low resolution of this image. focus on the upper portion of the logo, thank you.

So here I am having a client for my final output for a course in my university and we agreed on the rebranding of the logo as being like this image up here.

my problem now is what "C" can be best similar to this? (See the center of the top portion of the logo.)
- has a ball terminal
- more or less constant width throughout the stroke of the "C"

I am trying to have the look that the "C" that will be used in this logo will be the one that will be used for the brand name as well (since it also starts with C; both words to be exact.)

In addition, I'd need a second type that will accompany the primary type (for touchpoints and other deliverables)

What to do? Client wants me to use a font I don't have, but I can't bill for it and buying it negates the profit.

I picked up a client that uses Optima as their standard face. Despite it's ubiquity, I don't actually own Optima. It's a small email blast, so billing for the font would send the client elsewhere. Likewise, purchasing the Optima family would negate my profits.

Is there an ethical and legal solution here that still lets me make money on the project?

Can I obtain and use Optima for free (like a printer does) for use solely on this project because the client has already purchased it?

Any ideas out there?