Marcel is an angular upright and lightly backslant script typeface inspired by the natural shapes obtained when drawing a letter in marker pen or brush. It is inspired by the work of French type designer Marcel Jacno. This unique design later inspired many other typeface designers like Roger Excoffon with his ‘Banco’. I recommend to use it for any packaging design related to quality and hand-made products, advertising, web, posters, magazines and book jackets. Marcel is loaded with an extended character set, supporting Central, Western and Eastern European languages and plenty of cool OpenType features like brush underlines in different styles for each word length. Kerning and spacing (+ than 25,000 kerning pairs) have been meticulously made-to-measure to this specific brush font design.

The HapticScript family is a connected brush script with a warm, personal and soft character. The typeface family has five styles from Light through Black. It was designed as a companion and extension to the Haptic sans-serif family.

HapticScript has up to 14 variations for each glyph. The almost 2,000 characters per font including 40+ ligatures enable designers to give each word an individual look. Many swash characters for initials and word endings make words looks as if they were hand lettered.

Five Styles: Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold and Black

OpenType features: Ligatures, Contextual Alternates, Stylistic Sets, Old Style figures, Tabular figures

This font was done using a brush, I wanted to keep it looking organic.

Did I achieve that effect?
any questions or comments are welcome!

Hi, I'm starting a project in the fashion / denim space and am looking for something along these lines. Any suggestions? Much of this looks handdrawn, a font would be a great help since client will be using for future projects.

Thank you!

Bengala is a trendy new type system. The family is made up of a script style, an extended all-caps style, and an ornament set that includes the animal illustrations shown here.

Chefscript Typeface - Buy licenses at MyFont
Chef Script is an experimental font designed by Carlos Fabian Camargo G. Its fantasy design contains 1463 glyphs to compose words, phrases and short messages on small and large sizes. The idea was born in a sketchbook that was perfected again by hand and achieving "non-neutral drawings" on tracing paper. With bezier digitization the empty and full parts of letters appeared with soft and eloquent curves as calligraphic result produces optimal readability.

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Brush stroke logotype

I thought this was 'Gizmo' but it seems I'm mistaken. I'm almost sure this is a digital font, rather than a custom hand-job (oo-er).

Wondering whether anyone can either identify the font used, or set me straight on whether it's a custom job or not. (the top right logo).


The image says Image Dental. I cropped out the other fonts.
The "I" is cropped out, so this is just the letters "MAGE".

Any thoughts on what this font is? I seen it before but cannot find it again.

Thanks for your help!

Title says it all. This is from a device made in 1965 in the UK. It was labled using dry transfer lettering.
Any ideas?

Looking for the typeface used for 'union special' or something very very close to it. Thanks in advanced.

Looking for the name of this font similar to Brush Script. The H's look differently. See attachment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Very happy to announce that Hipster Script is finally published. Hipster got a TDC 20120award and was selected by the Bienal Tipos Latinos.

Featuring more than 1800 glyphs containing ligatures, endings, etc. Hipster is available here:

Check the specimen pdf released with the awesome German Paley's photography collaboration.


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Retro Script

Retro script, possibly custom?

I've done a bunch of hunting but can't find this particular script font...with its charming o and easy to read caps. Help!

i'm recreating a sign hanging outside of a store for use in the same store. i've seen this font before but i just can't find it.

i've search DaFont and MyFonts already.

I have no idea why the photo is rotated when both Preview and PS show the image upright.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Over a year ago I started thinking of new font names, er...a theme of different font names for a different family of different styles :P At last, Beefcakes is in the final stages and is scheduled for release on August 20th, w00t! It is the first of the "Cakes" series, a collection of display fonts inspired by various brush lettering styles. The series will include Beefcakes, Babycakes, Hotcakes, Paddycakes and Sweetcakes, and as each typeface is unique (not to mention time-consuming to draw!) they will be released as they're finished...


Beefcakes, Babycakes, Hotcakes, Paddycakes and Sweetcakes are trademarks of Rebeletter Studios and may be registered under certain jurisdctions.

Caridade is a bold and powerful script face. It draws some inspiration from heavy brush drawn vintage hand lettering but its heavy weight is much thicker with plenty of impact and more contemporary letterforms. The face offers a wide array of weights, from the powerful Heavy weight to the graceful Thin.

Caridade can get the job done for many unique design tasks.

I have a rush job of making separations for screen printing that I took on as a favor and I'm not sure what typeface this is. I also don't want to have to take the time to pen tool it if I don't have to.

If possible, I'd like a starting point for "Sand Gnats." I've exhausted my font collection as well as a free site or two's script inventories with no luck.

I've been searching fontyukle, indentifont etc for hours but can't find this one.

Any ideas?

I've been searching fontyukle, indentifont etc for hours but can't find this one.

Any ideas?

normally I would assume this is hand drawn, but if you look at the characters the shapes repeat. (for example, the n in Chardonnay, the a appears flipped)

Any ideas on what this would be?

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Before Their Eyes

Anybody know this brush font?

Indices : Tools : Hand Tools

Pen, ruling pen, Rapidograph, brush, paint, knife, straightedge, swivel knife, pencil, Amberlith, visualizing paper, and a host of other devices preceeded today's digital tools in the design of type faces. Some are still used today for preliminary design work.

Weapon of Choice
What's Your Favorite Tool
Your Favorite Disposable Pen
Choosing a Pen
What's in Your Analogue Type Design Toolkit?

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