Designer Named to Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business

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Nadine Chahine of Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. was named today to Fast Company's 2012 ranking of The 100 Most Creative People in Business. Chahine, who designs Arabic typefaces at Monotype's Germany-based subsidiary, Linotype GmbH, was recognized alongside individuals from a variety of professions who use creativity for transforming industries and reinventing the world in which we live.

Ignore this post if you’re reading it on a Mac.

Either I was installing it wrong previously, or Microsoft fixed it in 1.4, and I was using 1.3, but finally I got Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to install and run in Windows 7, and I used it to build a custom German/English “typographer’s keyboard” layout. (My physical keyboard has a standard German layout.) This enabled me to add a bunch of extra punctuation and some archaic stuff such as ſ.

I also managed to add two dingbats from the Unicode Zapf Dingbats subset range, U+2766 and U+2767.

❦ ❧

If you can see those, you are seeing them in pure Unicode. Windows is switching fonts somewhere to display them.

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