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foreign languages

Online language tool for supported languages


Hi guys,

glad to join this great place.

I have a question: do you know any online tool (or any clever method) to display languages list which are supported by the font? I'm making one and it contains German, Polish & Spanish glyphs, but I don't know which other languages are using the same glyphs as mentioned.

How can I check it ?

Cheers and thank you in advance.

New reference book out

My first reaction to seeing a book called Letter Fontein in the bookshop of the Graphic Design Museum in Breda on a study trip in February was to wonder when it might become available in English. It’s a reflection of the world we now live in that the book in question, printed in China by a German publisher, but authored and designed by a Dutchman, is available in my own language (and Spanish, French and German), a mere ten or twelve weeks later...

Taschen offer a flick-through preview on their website at


You can see bigger previews and find out more about the Dutch edition at