1992 era typesetting


I am a forensic scientist who specializes in cases involving printing, Is there a source where I can look for precursors to digital type fonts, i.e. designed for Microsoft or Apple? Specifically, I am looking for typeset that was similar to the digital versions of Sylfaen, Old Bookman and Constantia, but that was available to offset lithography typesetters in the early 1990's. Can you help?

Thank you.

dating a label

This is my first post. I am trying to include a picture by using the insert image link. I hope it worked. It did not show up in the preview.

I would be very appreciative for any ideas of the approximate age of this label. I notice the text is different from the background, and the background is not plain as I would have expected but dotted upon close magnification, whereas the text is solid by comparison. Thank you for your thoughts.