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Resources and books on paper types and bookbinding, XIX and XX century

I am a student of second year of MA and Im analyzing visual elements of cookbooks from Warsaw, from the xix and xx century.

One of my issues is the analysis of the cover pages, the materials from which the book was done ( paper type, bookbinding)

Do you have knowledge and you can recommend me books that talk aboout such topics, for example, which materials were used in production of books (XIX and XX century)?

If not, do you know someone or a place where could I ask this question?

I have read some of the material how the book was made but i wanted something more specific about paper and bookbinding.

i will be glad to here from you :)

Typography gift wrap paper


Typography gift wrap paper

We asked ourselves: Why not use figures themselves to design wrapping paper for your Advent calendar?
No sooner said than done—now available: Typographic wrapping paper for your Advent Calender.

Your gifts don’t need tiny boxes, the wrapping paper offers more amount for taller and other shaped presents (for e.g. wine, apples, tangerines … ). Additional labeling isn’t required for your Advent calender.

online printer for specialty paper and overall print questions because I know nothing

Does anyone have any experience printing on specialty paper?
I'm a complete newb when it comes to commercial printers.

Most online printers have such bad quality paper stock, I want to use my own stock paper from a specialty mill.

The stocks I want to use are typically 110lb to 120lb and do not really work well with laser, I would need an offset printer or some other alternative?

Are there any online places that specialize in printing on specialty papers that except full color files?

Would it be better to just go to a local printer with my paper?

Paper Stock Identification


So as much as we all love identifying type I was hoping someone would be able to help me out and tell me about the paper stock used here: http://img158.yfrog.com/img158/1065/6gkv.jpg.

Really any information would help. Who makes it or something like it....even if you just know what that kind of paper is called so I can figure out what to search for.


Hand Tools

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Pen, ruling pen, Rapidograph, brush, paint, knife, straightedge, swivel knife, pencil, Amberlith, visualizing paper, and a host of other devices preceeded today’s digital tools in the design of type faces. Some are still used today for preliminary design work.

Weapon of Choice
What’s Your Favorite Tool
Your Favorite Disposable Pen
Choosing a Pen
What’s in Your Analogue Type Design Toolkit?