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Filosophia history

Hey there!

I'm a new and learning designer just taking my first typography class. It is something I am really enjoying.
As part of my class, I was assigned a typeface to study and do research on and present as my final project. The face I was given is "Filosophia." It is a beautiful one and I know it was developed by Zuzana Licko of Emigre Fonts in the 1990's. I also know that it was inspired by the classic "Bodoni." Outside of that, I have found very little information on Filosphia itself.

Does anyone know of any books that include information about it or its history? Are there any groups, or communities dedicated to Filosophia? How about any valid websites?

Thanks for the help!

Who designed Monotype Ehrhardt?

Does anyone know who designed Monotype Ehrhardt? The Monotype site simply credits "Monotype Design Studio". Sebastian Carter's _Twentieth Century Type Designers_ says that Stanley Morison directed the Monotype Drawing Office to tweak up a proprietary version of Janson, but Ehrhardt has certain idiosyncratic details--most notably the curved crossbar of the A--which seem out of character for Morison. It does seem like a particular designer with a particular personality worked on this one. Anyone know who?

Many thanks,