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Help with Hieroglyphs - A Question Needing Sage Advice.


Hello All,

I have a complex font issue with Egyptian hieroglyphs and figured someone here could shed light on the matter, or refer me on to someone else with wisdom in this area.

The issue: Egyptian hieroglyphs can be written either right-to-left or left-to-right. When they are written rtl, the font glyphs face right. When they are written ltr, they face left. This is very important. Unfortunately, the Unicode (5.2) block for Egyptian Hieroglyphs (U+13000..U+1342E) doesn't specify direction. For this reason, I cannot simply create a font with a double set of glyphs, or even two fonts (one for rtl and one for ltr). The two font solution would be fine, if not for the fact directionality would be completely lost for those using a different Egyptian font (say Aegyptus).