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Mastering fonts

I have designed a font called Heisenberg and have the (limited) ability to transfer it from Illustrator into Fontlab. Just wondering what the next step is? I know professional foundries can master fonts (hinting etc) for you but it costs a bomb.

Anybody know how one goes about geting in touch with the finer points of font making?



Hey all.

I am a new font designer (though not new to the art of typography) and I have recently finished creating my first completed font. It's a TrueType font. It's a highly original and stylish display type of font.

Anyway, I was thinking I was gonna try to make some money with it, and was wondering if anyone out there could offer some guidance and advice. Anything I should know about finding and dealing with a distributor? Do I need to make them sign something to keep from getting ripped off if they prove to be scandalous? (I'm always suspicious I guess)

I'd rather not have to market it myself even if I had my own website, setting up a shopping cart system etc..

Thanks in advance.

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