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Ligature don't work, bitstream font



I got this font, but the ligatures "fl" & "fi" don't work, even if they are integrated to the font.

You can try it with the preview there, it's the first font, by Bitstream : http://www.myfonts.com/search/classical+garamond/fonts/#item_2

When you type "fi" & "fl" in the preview, and you select to display the ligatures in the options, they don't work.


An Old Style Typeface, Similar to Garamond Premier Pro

I'm looking for a good typeface to use for a book. It's a Christian devotional book. I want something similar to Garamond Premier Pro, an old style with a full family and every other small detail: small caps, italics, ligatures, etc. It can be new or old.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Your Favourite Fake Garamond?

¶ Among the series of fake Garamond based on Jean Jannon roman (aka Caractère de l'université, designated by the Cardinal de Richelieu), which one do you consider the best?

Garamond 3 (1917) by Morris Fuller Benton
Lanston Garamont (1921) by Frederic Goudy
Monotype Garamond (1922)*
Peignot Garamond (1926) by Georges Peignot
Simoncini Garamond (1961) by Francesco Simoncini
ITC Garamond (1976) by Tony Stan


Garamond-like alternative


Hello, guys!
I’m totally new here and English isn’t my 1st language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may incur about typography or with my writing.
I’m here because I want some help on choosing a typeface that is similar to Garamond, but with less contrast between thin and thick strokes in upper case letters, id est, with thin strokes “less thin”. I mean, I love Garamond, I think it confers some classic flavor to the text, especially when the texts I want to print are Latin classic poems with side translation. But the thinness of the horizontal bar in the H, E and T, or in the legs of M, N, V and A, bothers me, perhaps because I have got a less than perfect vision, also I find it aesthetically unattractive.

Apple Garamond


I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or experience with "apple garamond". From what I have read it seems to not have been released publicly and a quality revival is no where to be found. It was something that I was looking to pursue, but didnt want to go full steam ahead, only to be abruptly stopped by a quality revival or even the existing typeface existing digitally already...

Garamond Stencil

Does anyone have any idea what this font is?

It's very similar to Garamond stencil: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/garamond/garamond-stencil-d-medium/ but not as solid.. and there seems to be only two cuts of Garamond stencil that exist. "What da Font" is also no help as the forms are broken and the app, for example, confuses each side of the 'O' as separate letters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanking you all in advance.




I wanted to take a classical garalde, flatten the serifs, and open the apertures a bit to create a more contemporary, 'Egyptian' style text face, almost like if Galliard and Clarendon had a child. This is what I came up with:

Right now I have just a few glyphs, but before I keep going, I wanted to check with those whose opinions I value so highly: Typophiles. Do you think think it's worth pursuing?

Garamond: Choose Your Weapon

Robert Slimbach's Adobe Garamond used to be my go-to, but I've grown more and more fond of Stempel Garamond. Its sharpness is so pleasing to my eye, a bit like Matthew Carter's Galliard, another favorite.

[Images from Peter Gabor/Barney Carroll]

What's your favorite iteration of Garamond, and why?

Atkinson Bros. Agency logo from 1980's -- puzzling embellishments

Hello all; this is my first time posting, though I've come here reading off and on. I have been learning all I can so I can speak intelligently about this topic, but please forgive me (and correct me) if I use some of the technical terms incorrectly or too broadly.

The attached logo was found on some rolls of metallic stickers that our insurance agency has been using for various purposes for at least twenty years, if not longer. We are currently looking into branching out with our marketing methods, which has of course left us in need of a distinctive "look" -- and we would like to use this logo, as it is (in our opinion) rather handsomely suited to the "tone" of the business we are pursuing, as well as able to give us some brand continuity. Unfortunately, the gentleman who designed the logo for us is long deceased, and we have no original files anywhere either.

Now, even after hours of searching and browsing through font identification tools, none of us have been able to determine which typeface is used here. The interesting flourishes don't help, I'm sure...

Garamond Variation. Need expert Help

So i've had our vector logo for a while and I've never been able to find the exact type face for this. The closest I've been able to come is ITC Garamond Book Italic. That's what 'whatthefont' says it is. But I know for sure when looking at certain letters that it is not this. Could anyone figure this out? I have been wanting to know FOREVER!!


(PhD thesis) Title font to go with Garamond

Dear All - I'm new here, and looking for some advice.

I'm currently writing up my phd thesis, and have decided to use garamond as the main font, but now I'd like something different as a font for the titles of the chapters, and the headers/footers.

Any pointers to what might be suitable? Something more traditional, something less? I considered Bookman Old Style...

I'm a natural scientist with no 'feel' for style whatsoever, and could use some help...

Thank you!

Abrams' Augereau: an authentic Garamond?

While weighing my options for a professional Garamond—it may be my personal favorite of all type families—I came across a comment on this website, claiming Abrams' "Augereau" to be "the most authentic digitization" of Garamond's original punches. I started drooling over Augereau, which is really beautiful, but found that it doesn't look very authentic. Somebody on these forums pointed out the capital R is more heavily stylized than the original; I discovered that the arms of the capital W don't cross. What gives?

(x) 'University of Texas Austin' serif (specific Garamond?) - Palatino {Gunter}


I'm a type fan-if-still-newbie and first-time poster compelled to submit a request for a coworker. She's been asked to recreate a very simple type design--for a quick-turnaround offset print job that needs a speedy diagnosis. She tried many variations of classic serif faces, but couldn't get the "C" or the "T" quite right. I didn't have any further suggestions off the top of my head. Also, is this semibold in weight?

Thanks in advance for any help!

(.pdf file attached)

illume typography lamps


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