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Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. has released a new cloud-based technology that allows support for advanced, OpenType features in all popular browsers that support Web fonts and HTML5. Available to all subscribers of Monotype’s Web Fonts service, the first-of-its kind capability enables Web designers to use discretionary ligatures, small caps, fractions and other typographic features available in OpenType fonts, regardless of whether full, native support for OpenType features is available through the browser.

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Font ID html5

Hi everybody, i'm looking for the font of the number in the html5 logo.
Does anyone know?

Thank you.

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Glyphr Beta 2 released

Well, after more than a year of casual coding, I've released Glyphr Studio Beta 2 out into the wild!

Hey All

I'd like to pass along a little long-term project I'm working on - it's a browser-based font editor. Sound interesting?

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Plans? Typophile on iPad

Just curious if there are plans to tweak for iPad, which would mean some HTML tweaking of some of the layout components, or at least, some PHP-generated text (or some other web font service with the faces that get used regularly) in place of the Flash based embedded font rendering. Again, just curious.

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