Can anyone recommend some fonts your would pair with Bodoni Poster for a non traditional wedding invite.
Please & thank you!

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a type family to pair with Galaxie Polaris, for web use. We'll be using this one in the body copy throughout the site. The client is a university, in case that adds any desired context.

Galaxie Copernicus is presently on the table, but I'm not sure of what else. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Hello there,

I'm designing a site with FF Mark as the main typeface. I'm in love with this typeface and I think it will work very good, but as you know it's not versatile for body text. For titles works great. Any recommendations you guys have for some pairings?


Dear Typophiles,

I am looking for the 'right' text companion to Christian Schwartz' breathtaking Giorgio Sans. (I'm aware there's also a serif but that isn't going to work for anything other than decorative text.)

It's for a company that, ironically, does branding itself. They are a nice kind of snobby, if you know what I mean, somewhere between high-brow and witty. That's why I'm looking for something classic (Antiqua), not too low on the x, with nice contrasts but also quite legible on screen. I was thinking along the lines of Weidemann's Corporate A, but I don't want them look like a Mercedes knock-off, especially since they are based in Germany.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions. This is my first venture into the hallowed halls of typophile, so please be nice.


Hello there. I'm after a simple body typefaces to pair with Sackers (which is the brand/title face). Any classic combos I might not have considered?


Kind of new to typophile, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question.

Looking for either a serif or a sans serif for body text to pair with Tall Films.

So I am designing this T-shirt and I came across this font pairing problem. I want to pair a sans-serif with a sans. That is because the red flipped "Ǝ" is indispensable and refers to EMINƎM. So I basically have these four combinations(please ignore the kerning for now). I was hoping you guys could tell me how good and bad they are, and suggest best pairings too.

I'm having a hard time finding a nice sans that goes with Diotima LT Std Roman. I need something that has a classical vibe (obviously) but that also has a subtle Art Nouveau and/or Arts & Crafts thing going on, too. Nothing too decorative –just open, humanist and especially compatible with Diotima's characters a, b, e, m, and p. Something slightly wide, like the 105-110% horizontal scale range. Thanks in advance.

Hello, I'm working on stationary designs and need to know what font could be paired with Sommet Rounded?


I need help pairing Chaparral Pro (body text) with a sans-serif (headlines) for my design blog. Chaparral looks very delicate to me with its interesting curves and I love it, so I need a typeface that will complement it.

I have seen it paired with Proxima Nova a lot, but I would like to go with something different. I like how it looks combined with Brandon Grotesque. Seems to me that it complements Chaparral when in all-caps, but not sure if it's overwhelming otherwise (screenshot of my testing page attached). Other types I have been experimenting with are Futura PT (as a total contrast), then Camingo DOS and FacitWeb. However I am not sure if these are really good matches, or it's just my subjective view.

Do some these really work, or you have some other recommendation?


Hi everybody,
looking for a font combination for a web editorial project I'm working on (a magazine focused mainly on stories and opinion but also with short news, let's say in a 70/30% proportion). A sidenote: I'm not the graphic designer, guess I'm the "creator".
Since I spend most of my days reading, print and on screen, I really like looking at good typograpghy and even if I'm waaaaay far from being an expert, I'd like to choose a bunch of typefaces myself and then discuss with the graphic designer.
Anyway, I'd like to use a sans for titles/headlines and a serif for long text. The layout is clean, with colors and composition vaguely inspired to the 60-70s italian and european magazines, but It looks like a website, so It's not "old" or "vintage".

I'm looking for body fonts that pair well with these heading fonts:

News Gothic Condensed Bold

News Gothic Extra Condensed Bold

Any suggestions would be great. As an aside, should the body serif also be condensed, or is it fine to pair a condensed sans headline with a non-condensed body serif.


Hello everyone,

I am looking for a good, legible in windows, body text serif companion (a web font and one free, not from a paid service for technical reasons) for League Gothic.

This is for a magazine-type website, I want a modern but austere look, with league gothic set in all caps for titles and meta and the actual content of the site in a serif.

One I thought of is Georgia, but I don't know if they combine well, what do you think? Actually i would prefer a less common choice, maybe Droid Serif? Is it a good choice to pair with League Gothic?

Any opinions and options is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I'm designing a website in which headlines will use Avant Garde. But I'm having a very hard time coming up with a companion font for body type. Whatever I try seems to clash.
Can someone recommend a websafe font that I can use in combination with AG?

these are basically the options I have to work with:

What do you think about DIN + Quadraat? or DIN + Warnock?
Do they work together?

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Pairing Serpentine

Ok, first off, I have to say I really don't care much for Serpentine (, but the client's logo (which uses it) WILL NOT BE MODIFIED (the clients words, not mine). And we have to find a typeface that 'goes well with it'.

We've been looking for a while, but nothing has seemed right. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Hey everyone, I am looking for a font that would go well with the font "Market Deco." It is a free font that can be found at

This is for a documentary over local theatres that I'm working on as an immersion project for school. Market Deco is the font of the headings or titles (mainly in motion graphics). I need a nice, clean and legible font that compliments it well as a subheading. Something that doesn't stick out as much as the Deco font, less bold.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Psyops Armchair pairing?

hi all,

i'm looking for a matching companion to psyops armchair modern. i'm planning to use armchair as the display type and need a good match for regular text.

thanks: lars

Hi Everyone, I've been trying to match my logo with a font for a while now, figured I'd ask here for suggestions seeing as there are so many pro's. I have a simple blackletter ambigram logo, picture a Lucida Blackletter connected to itself flipped, kinda like this: eǝ, to make the initials es with a cursive s. My problem is pairing this symbol with a good font for my name and other info on my business card and potentially my resume. Until now I've been using Helvetica 67 condensed medium, which is just to bland for me to keep using. Can anyone give me some pointers or suggestions on pairing fonts with blackletters?

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"rv" & "ry" ligatures

I'm putting together some secondary logo fields for a healthcare system's new identity and having major problems with the "rv" and "ry" pairings. I've searched the interwebs and haven't found any standard ligatures for these. I've had to keep the kerning pretty tight because some of the names get pretty long (ie: Physical Rehabilitation), but I don't think it's too tight.

The font is DIN Next Regular, and I've gone ahead and created my own ligatures. I'm not a type designer so I thought I'd post what I've got and see if anyone has ever had this problem themselves and to get any general feedback on my solution.

Fire away! And thanks for any help.

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