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Vintage Poster Font ID

Hello, I found this vintage poster online, and I really like the font at the bottom of the poster. I tried a couple different methods to try and see if there was a font for it, but didn't find anything. I figured maybe someone has seen the font before or maybe something similar?

The link to the actual poster is below. I am also attaching a rough tracing of the font as a jpeg in case that helps.

Thanks in advance!



Bloomberg Businessweek's international cover for June is, according to the editiors, "ultra kawaii" [ultra cute] with a pic of Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, bats, crying clouds, teddy bears, bows, life savers etc and a balloon like font identical to the word shown here:

The word is taken from a pic inside the North American edition. I only have a thumbnail of the international cover.
Kawaii is not my area of expertise so I am seeking help in IDing the font. If not the exact one, then some close ones.

Announcing Hikari


Before the Haas Type Foundry released Helvetica in 1957, constructivist sans serif fonts were classified as Grotesk, a term that reflected the dismissive notion of typesetters in previous times. It was Art Deco and the Bauhaus movement, along with modernist architecture, fresh ideas and stricter shapes in interior design, a style influenced by industrial and technological developments, that made Grotesk fonts more popular over time.

Japanese Typefaces / Type Designers

I design a magazine, each issue is about a specific city. Previous issues have included Sarajevo, Detroit, London and Athens. The next city is Kyoto. I am trying to get in touch with any type designers who live and/or work in Japan, preferably Kyoto. Do you know of anyone? Do you know of any great examples of typefaces produced in Japan (that are Latin/Roman etc not Kanji/Hiragana etc.)

I'm also currently investigating whether stacked/vertical type would be a suitable alternative to regular horizontal type. Can anyone recommend any interesting monospace/unicode faces that would make for a pleasing vertical stack?

Any help or opinions on Japanese type please get in touch! thanks. Feel free to email me here: hello@luketonge.com

Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief for typophiles

Here’s a list of typographic/design related items one can buy to help:

In particular, at http://wordshape.com/ 100% of all money generated by font sales are being sent to the Japanese Red Cross.

I will again mention http://www.sogojapan.org/ and http://www.typesociety.org/fontaid/

Someone knows of others?

Matching English and Japanese Typefaces


I'm currently working on a project at university, trying to create a typeface in both English and Japanese that work with each other seamlessly. What Im curious to find out is;

- Your thoughts on the idea
- Any suggestions or recomendations
- Any really good or even really bad examples of these two languages at play.

Thanks for your help.

Decent looking Japanese (unicode?) fonts

I'm looking for a font that will be able to translate some text my sensei sent me. I'm trying to design a card for him but for the life of me can not find a decent Japanese font for it (with Kanji, found a few kana ones). I think I might need unicode ?

looks awesome. but doesn't seem to work on my computer. I've installed for 20 and none seem to translate well, which makes me think I need unicode version?

found it here http://www.wazu.jp/gallery/Fonts_Japanese.html

I need to use this text:

and help/direction would be amazing.