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General rules for combining complementary fonts when you don't have a natural "eye" for it.


Hi everyone...I'm not at all lazy, but I'm sad to say that I don't have a natural eye for design. My best friend does and I've noticed over the years that she has helped me "develop" my eye. When I created a logo for my company (she was swamped at the time) and asked for her opinion, I thought she was going to reach through the phone and strangle me...I'd used what I now know is the much-typophile-hated font, Papyrus. Anyway, I digress...

Help to choose two partner type faces


Hello Guys!

I need a help to choose two fonts for a website.

I've attached a screenshot.

The fonts is that "Nós Desenvolvemos Sites Perfeitos" and "Somos uma pequena empresa"..

The first need to be a strong/bold font.. and the second rather web standart, but i can use image repleacement to others.

This "HOME" page really need to looks gorgeous. Please expert guys. Help me =)


Need alternative to Courier and complementary sans


I'm working on an annual report for school and have been using Sabon Next and Courier so far. I like the feel of Courier but it's set width is pretty wide. I was wondering if there was a typeface with a similar feel that doesn't set as wide. It doesn't have to be a monoface.

Also I'm curious if you guys have any suggestions for a third typeface (a sans-serif) that may complement the two.