Lichtspielhaus Slab is an ultra condensed typeface based on Lichtspielhaus. It still transports you back to a time where neon lights and marquee letters decorated cinema facades. This time with Slab.
You can get it at myfonts if you like it

I'm looking for a new kind of Clarendon for a project I'm working on. I've been using HFJ's Sentinel for now, but I'm looking with something just a little further removed from the original Clarendon. Any pointers?

ReType Foundry proudly introduces Laski Slab, a comprehensive suite of 20 fonts conceived for editorial purposes. The type family was designed by Paula Mastrangelo, an Art Director with extensive experience in editorial design specialized in corporate communication. Originally developed for an online children’s magazine, Laski was expanded into a multipurpose type family with the technical assistance of Ramiro Espinoza.

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Boxcar Type Help

Need help finding a something similar to "Norfolk and Western" in this image:

actually, if you guys know of anything similar to the numerals as well it would be awesome

This is my first post on here,
figured it would be the place to go.


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Selektor Slab

Selektor Slab is small font family created as logical extending of the Selektor font family.


Available or it will be soon on:
ITC Fonts

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Slab Serif ID

Hey all, I'm trying to identify the slab on the "Black & Mild" logo. I saw an empty pack on the ground the other day (the blessing and curse of being a designer: noticing type everywhere) and have been trying to figure out what it uses since then.

I thought the bowl in the "d" was quite peculiar for a slab. Any ideas?

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Release: Alianza

Alianza is a complex typographic system wich includes three different but complementary styles so far: Slab, italic and script, with nine weights each one; plus three sets of ornamental fonts: labels, negative labels and ornaments.

The soul of the family is a slab feeling applied judiciously to the italic and script styles to make it coherent with the whole system.

Each style has three sets of figures: Proportional lining, tabular lining and old style.

You can mix the three styles in a single piece to obtain more expressive results without worring about the uniformity and complementing the design by using the ornamental sets.

Available for purchase at

I'm about to buy the Plume Advertising font from Dalton Maag for a project. It is just a slab serif as voluptuous and playful as I need, but I'm with a little doubt.

Considering the specific composition of words below, what do you people think is the best version of "R"? The upper version is the original one, and below is the one I effed up with.

I just can't come to a conclusion on which version better balances the quirky details and the color (disconsidering the shitty kerning used here). Isn't "ALEGRE" looking to much excentric in comparison to "PORTO" in my version?

Hope you can help me! :)

Hi, does anyone recognize this font? I've been searching for ages!

Thank you,

Inspired by neutral slab serifs with an added twist, Slab Happy is a typographic system consisting of eight layerable fonts with infinite combinations. Slab Happy looks best when set in display sizes, but functions just as well at smaller point sizes.

The complete Slab Happy family consists of: Regular, Bold, Outline, 3D, Stitches, Fill, Shadow, and Crosshatch.

Slab Happy

Hi! Would like to seek help in identifying the font in the attached image. Looks like modified Futura (TEE) Bold to me.

I think the R gives it away, but I am having doubts with the S.

Thanks in advance!

Recreating graphics for the first time for a local pizza place that "can't remember" where they got their first logo. Can you guys help me out? I have no clue what this font is, the whole office is stumped.

Thanks in advance!

Anyone know what this beautiful slab is?

This one is giving me a headache cause I think in the back of my mind I have seen this exact font someplace before or even had it installed on my system at one point. At first I thought it was Octin College Black.. but it's not an exact match.. can any one help me ID this? Thanks!

I've been developing this typeface for the past month, and I've got to a point where I'm feeling kind of blocked, so I thought it would be a good idea to come here for some help. I'm happy with the lowercase, although I'm sure you'll find lots of problems with it (problems which I'd be more than happy correcting, by the way), the main issue I'm having is with the uppercase; due to its geometric construction some letters (E,F,I,T,L,H mainly) aren't quite fitting with the curviness of the other ones.
I've made a really quick pdf with the first sentences that came to mind (feel free to ask for more material if you need it for a better judgement!), and I'd be really glad to hear the criticism of better trained eyes (and hands).

I do not know the company or anything about the sports team. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi all

I've seen the Narziss typeface being used recently in various publications ( and would like to find something similar. Any ideas?

What would one describe this face as, apart from a swirly slab?

Thanks, Lee

Can anyone help ID this contemporary slab serif please?

Got this off a USGS mining map from the David Rumsey Map Collection. These inscriptions are manual; I'm wondering if anyone can ID any similar fonts available digitally?

thanks in advance

I'm after a cheap, or a free slab serif. with open counters, low contrast, a good x-height making it very legible for academia. A neutral look, with understated curves. Preferably with Light, Regular, and Bold styles.


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Rounded Slab Serif

I know it's been a bit distorted but i'm hoping it's not too far off from the original.

Can’t quite identify this one (attached below). I need to replicate this font, and I’m sure its staring me in the face, but I have to leave and come back to it. I’ve used Bookman Demi for a positional in the meantime, but the key difference is the sloped sides of the ‘M’.

Thanks again!

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Semi Serif typefaces

Hello, I am a Graphic Design student very interested in type design.

I have a question about semi serif typefaces. Is it up to the designers will to decide which serifs to remove or are there guidelines?

I am new to the forum so I am not sure if this is the right place for this thread. If this is not I will be glad to move it to the right place as long as someone notifies me about it. Thanks in advice.

Any recommendations for a slab serif with a cyrillic character set? It would have to have an @font-face license. Looking for something in the neighborhood of Archer, Caecilia, Centro, Copse, Ernestine, Museo, Serifa. Centro may work, but looking for some other options. Thanks!

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