Spacing, Kernning, and Mastering service firm


I have designed a font family, nine variations, on the Glyphs .glyphs.
And I am now looking for a firm which can develop the spacing and kerning values for the font and finalize it.
Is there any firm for this service? I only know IKERN.COM.
But I would like to reach to other firms too.

Missing ASCII circumflex from font changes typeface after typing circumflex-accented glyph



I've used a font in Microsoft Word, which works fine except when I need to type circumflex-accented glyphs.
In general, I've noticed that when you type a circumflex, before typing the letter you want to accentuate, you temporarily get the ASCII circumflex. Then, when you type the letter, say "a", the correct circumflex is used in the pre-built accented glyph.
So, in the present case, when I type "^" plus "a", Microsoft Word changes to Times. This behaviour rang a bell, so I opened the font in FLS and the ASCII circumflex is missing from the problematic font file. My assumption is that as Word can't find that glyph (ASCII circumflex), it switches to another default font.

2 questions:

– Is it a Microsoft Word "bug"?

Mastering fonts

I have designed a font called Heisenberg and have the (limited) ability to transfer it from Illustrator into Fontlab. Just wondering what the next step is? I know professional foundries can master fonts (hinting etc) for you but it costs a bomb.

Anybody know how one goes about geting in touch with the finer points of font making?