About designing and releasing a font family

I'm designing a huge, multi-script sans serif family with true italic. At the moment I've almost finished the regular and started the italic. The thin and black masters are also at the very beginning. The question is—should I release and start selling regular and italic and later add other weights later (this is better for me) or wait and release the whole family (this, I think, would be more fair for customers).

What would you do? I've seen both release models on MyFonts and I'm not sure which one to choose.

Mastering fonts

I have designed a font called Heisenberg and have the (limited) ability to transfer it from Illustrator into Fontlab. Just wondering what the next step is? I know professional foundries can master fonts (hinting etc) for you but it costs a bomb.

Anybody know how one goes about geting in touch with the finer points of font making?