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Font Encoder - A Encoding Generator for FontLab


Hello to all!

I've just went live with a simple tool to generate encoding text for FontLab.

It's still in a very early stage (I'm sorry if it's still too painful), but I want to share it with you guys in order to have feedback/suggestions.

Here's the link: http://lab.scannerlicker.net/font-encoder/


BT Torino, and its OPTI descendants

I have long used Torino BT as a text font, and recently obtained Torino OPTI Bold, Extra Bold, Heavy. I was delighted to finally have a bold, but Torino doesn't co-operate. It 'substitutes' a font like Old Standard bold, which is similar, but will not show Torino OPTI Bold, now named as simply, 'Torino bold' Having re-named the entire family, the problem persists. I'm stumped. Can anyone shed light?

Japanese Characters not showing



I've come into a problem whilst trying to compile a font which contains some Japanese characters.
I have a basic Latin character set (MacOS Roman encoding), but with some additional unicode characters such as uni6782, uni571F – these total around 20 different characters.

The font compiles fine from Fontlab, and the characters are accessible in (All on Mac OSX 10.8) TextEdit, Adobe InDesign CS3->CS6, as well as OpenOffice. However, when I try and type these characters (via a japanese keyboard layout) or paste them in, the font reverts to a default system font which contains the characters.

Is there a certain Japanese name I need to apply for Microsoft Office (Word 14.2.0) Mac?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


About 'Basic' - 'Pro' and 'Expert' Encodings


Hi Typophiles

I want to set a standard of encoding for my typefaces. I know there are loads of encodings, I've been studing some of them. The question is... What do you think a Basic font should have? and what about Pro and Expert? Should they also include Greek and Cyrillic, or they should be apart? (allways talking about text fonts, serif/sans) Any info about this would be highly apreciated.

Right now What I thought was:

Basic (already made the encoding if you want to look at it/use it is "Here")

FontLab custom encoding problem


hello folks,

i'm building a font with a lot of alternative glyphs. i wrote a custom encoding file, with a list of alternative glyphs, each with a name suffix, e.g. Ccedilla.gt or Eogonek.ro.

however, when i select this encoding in the font window, in few cases, it shows the default glyphs in places where the alternatives should be. even when i actually create the alternative glyph, it still remains out of place. have anyone experienced this? does anyone know any solution?


Greek encoding trouble

Hello dear typophiles,

I'm working on typesetting a document with mixed latin and greek text. My problem is not being able to find out what font was used for the greek, or even a suitable replacement.

The "manuscript" that I received is an XML file, so I have no information on what font was used for the typesetting of the previous edition, and I'm having a hard time finding out what font was used.

Opentype glyphs, unicode and encoding


Hello everyone.

I'm making a PHP application to generate text labels. The PHP libraries seem to don't support OpenType features.
Now I have no problem working with unicode index to display the standard characters.
But, as far as I know, the OpenType features are name based.
For example: if I want to display a ligature «my» I have to replace «m» and «y» unicodes indexes by «my» unicode index.
The problem now is I don't have unicode indexes on this characters and I can't reffer to them by their names.

The questions are:

Is there any existing unicode for these glyphs and I am missing them?
Do I need to reencode all the glyphs?
Which is the best way to reencode a font and/or generate unicode names for this purposes?
Is there any standard?

FontLab Font window


Hi, i'm brand new here on typophile and also brand new to making fonts and fontlab and before anything let me apologize for my bad english, i'm art director and illustrator from Brazil. My question is simple: how can i add more characters on the FontLab window so i can see other characters for other languages? Right now i have the A-Z, a-z and 0-9 and a few others, but i want to make the font available for more languages. I see in fontforge a lot of characters that doesnt show on the fontlab window. Sorry if my question is silly. Anyway thanks in advance.