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Fontforge issues with quotation marks


This is my first every post on Typophile! I've been building a typeface in fontforge and I've hit a problem that will most likely sound stupid to all of the experts out there, but here goes.

So I generated by font and gave it a test run. It all seems fine apart from the quotation marks (QM). How do I command them as a set? As it is, the QM on left of a word will be the default font (like Helvetica) but the right will be my typeface. I've looked it up online but I really can't get my head around it. I gather that there is some command in the Lookups section that will allow the QM to appear correct, but how do I do that? I'm so confused! I can't get my head around how one key on the keyboard can generate two different graphemes. I always just thought of them as being the same.

Who are you "quoting"

The use, misuse and abuse of quotation marks:

I recently wrote about the "strange" but "fun" practice that seems have reached a pop culture moment, which somehow both irritates and entertains many. I'd be curious to hear any reactions here on Typophile, or perhaps any historical insights. One commenter asked when the practice stopped being used for movie posting titling, such as: