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Troubles importing from illustrator - weird shapes


I have a trouble when I upload my glyph from illustrator to Font Lab. The font is quiet complicated, it's supposed to have a kind of texture. It's all traced and all shapes are supposed to be closed (I used the pathfinder). But when I copy/paste the font, it gives me the result as in the picture attached...
Would any one have an idea of what could be wrong and how could I repare it?

I'm struggling since 3 days. Getting Crazy! Pleaaase.

Fontforge n00b - SVG import


The example I'm trying to learn FontForge with is a very simplistic font, not the actual font I want to create. I figured it is best to try to learn with something with extremely simplistic glyphs. So no need to critique this font itself, it's just practice and learning.

Here is the concept that I am attempting to learn with:

I created an SVG file that is 1000 x 1000 with the ascender guide at y=200, decender guide at y=800, baseline at y=684, x height guide at y=287. For this practice font, ascender and cap height are the same (as they are with, say, Helvetica)

PNG rendition of my Letter A imposed over the guide:

Importing image template error in fontforge


In FontForge, I'm trying to import uni*.png images using the Image Template format.

If I try one file with Image format it works, but with multiple files on Image Template format is doesn't.

I keep getting "Bad image file, not a bitmap:" for every file named uni*.png.

Then "Nothing Loaded".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Import Kerning from AFM


Using FontLab 5, Windows.
I'm creating an OTF font from a few Type1 fonts. One of the type one fonts is a small cap font. To get the kerning pairs from the old Type1 font into my new font I thought I could pull the Type1 into FontLab and export the AFM file. Then open the AFM in a text editor and change all the lowercase characters to my small cap glyphs.

For instance:
KPX A c -18
KPX A Csmall -18
where Csmall is the name of my small cap c. But it isn't working and I can't see why!

From the AFM file I'm also deleting all the kern pairs I won't need, like:
KPX A T -74
as it's already in there from having procesed the "regular" text.

A New Tool for Type Designers: TypeBridge

A New Tool for Illustrator folks: TypeBridge

Hi. I just wanted to comment in regards to the folks who were having difficulty with the transfer between Illustrator and TypeTool/FontLab. The way that FontLab works is logical, given that in font world there are no decimal numbers. However, for folks who are very comfortable in Illustrator, it would be nice to have a tool that automatically rounds all points (which have already been drawn) to whole points while keeping the integrity of the font.