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FUNICODE: Copy and paste exact Fonts not only content on the internet. Open message to Unicode Consortium

Unicode has allowed codes for each letter in a language though on the internet, fonts cannot be copied and pasted similar to content. Thus I propose that you should implement or request others in your group to develop the FUNICODE (Font and Unicode) feature allowing copying and pasting of the exact fonts and not only content on the internet.


A New Tool for Type Designers: TypeBridge

A New Tool for Illustrator folks: TypeBridge

Hi. I just wanted to comment in regards to the folks who were having difficulty with the transfer between Illustrator and TypeTool/FontLab. The way that FontLab works is logical, given that in font world there are no decimal numbers. However, for folks who are very comfortable in Illustrator, it would be nice to have a tool that automatically rounds all points (which have already been drawn) to whole points while keeping the integrity of the font.