Andrew Paglinawan

Bright Grotesk


Bright Grotesk is a new typeface I'm working on. It's a mixture of humanist & grotesk typefaces which is legible in small sizes yet charming in display sizes as well.

There's still lot's of inconsistencies here and there as I have only started working on it last week.

Any comments & suggestions to improve it is highly appreciated.

Basa Nova


I have never draw in fontlab alone before, most of the time I draw the glyphs in Illustrator piece by piece merging each objects and pasting it inside fontlab prior to tweaking. This is my first try to draw every glyphs in fontlab so please bear with me =)

I'll name it Basa Nova for the meantime until I can think of something better. Basa means "read" in my native language and because it was intended to be a text face which readability is important, I decided to name it this way.

I'm not sure if some of the letterforms do make sense at all but I kinda like it subtlety when it is set into a running texts, though I might be wrong too.

Only lowercase letters for now and currently designing the uppercase as of this writing. Do you think it is worth pushing for?

Manila Sans



I have been working on this typeface for quite a while now and would love to hear your opinions and constructive criticism.

Currently Manila Sans has two weights regular & black. I'm planing to interpolate two more weights between these two when I'm satisfied with all the letterforms.