type for historic Italian company name on a tile.

Wondering if anyone can place this type used on a ceramic or possibly metal tile from Italy? The text says Italian Fratelli Andreoni Azienda Agricola Roma which translates as Andreoni Brothers Agricultural Company Rome. The way the x-height bars cross the verticals on the A and E is very distinctive, but I can't figure it out myself so any help is very much appreciated.

Elite Marble & Granite

Hello everyone, working a small project for a family friend. Company name is Elite Marble & Granite. Name pretty much what they do. They want to come across a professional and established company. "Simple" and "Clean" are the two most used words when describing the feel. Because of the name "Elite" I thought number 1, top notch and royalty. I explored with granite slab idea in the #1. Three slabs making an "E" and crown. #2 takes on the "number 1" idea. Converted the "I" into a one and used a rectangle to show the slab of granite/marble. #3 is a play on the letter "E" and swirls of color/pattern variations in the stone work. #4 focus on the royalty idea.

Here are some first draft ideas. Do anyone of these jump out at you? Thank you.