class kerning

I have a typeface I've been working on tediously for weeks and I've kerned the lowercase and uppercase very carefully.
Then, I went ahead and made the accented characters, etc...

I want to apply my kerning for certain existing (kerned) glyphs into a "class."

For example, I have kerned the "E" and I'd like to make a new class and apply the kerning I've already done for the "E" to all of the other "Egrave, Eacute..."

I'm pretty good about being a fast learner, but this has stumped me.
I really hope there is a way to do this, otherwise, class kerning has to be done after ALL characters/glyphs are complete, which I think would be BS, being a software owner myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I drew a font in Fontlab with several alternatve glyphs for each charakter and with some ligatures. When I enter the names of the alternative glyphs in the class panel in order to classkern them, they just don´t appear (while the "normal" glyphs like a,b,c...) work alright.
Maybe I named the alternative glyphs wrong?
they are called a.alt, a.alt2, and so on.
I have the same problem with the ligatures and with the german Umlauts like Ö,Ä,Ü (Odieresis, Adieresis, Udieresis,).

Thanks for ideas, also for advices where i can learn more about the subject myself.


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