squared sans serif

Squared sans serif

This squared sans serif has me stumped!
Its from the booklets packaged with Deutsche Grammophon's DVD presentation of Robert Lepage's Wagner Ring at the Metropolitan Opera in 2011-12.
Among the blind alleys I followed were: fonts with a sans+squarish tag at MyFonts, http://typophile.com/search/node/squared%20sans, and a fascinating discussion of The Mystery of Steile Futura http://typophile.com/node/18227.
So what am I missing?

Looking for a Squared B-Movie Font.

I'm doing the corporative design for a tshirt brand. I want the aesthetics of the b-movies but i dont want it to look trashy or bad-designed for the people that dont are used to that style.

I had found 2 options but i want more.

I though i could use perforama (the second one) but the A had so diagonal angles and the rest of the word that is the name of the brand has a lot of O and M and square things so it was a little problematic.

What do you suggest?