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book design

E-book creation help (book already designed in in-design CS6).


Can anyone put me in touch with someone who has the current knowledge of converting an existing book design layout (done in in-design CS6) into an e-book for use on a Kindle reader?
I have just started reading up on it and realise that I might have to change the font/s I have used for the main body of the book and probably a whole lot of things. Luckily the book contains no images, but I do want to retain page ends so that Chapters start on fresh pages. There is also a bit of text styling (custom page numbers, chapter headers etc that may just not be possible on an e-reader.
I have been reading about exporting using fixed page layouts (something it seems you can only do with Creative Cloud though).

Critique of book layout... subject economic philosophy


I'm getting to the final stages of writing a book on economic philosophy. The central thesis: human societies have experienced only three basic "fields" of socio-economic behavior: agriculture/mining, mass production, and services; mass human labor is no longer needed in these three fields; a new fourth economy is necessary.

I am attempting to set the format and type in InDesign, and would appreciate a critique (knowing full well there will be a wide variety of opinions). My interest is to put out the best, most readable design possible.

In InDesign, page dimensions: 22.86 cm (9 in) x 15.24 cm (6 in)... basically, a somewhat standard book size.

Serif and Sans Combo for a Two-Column Science Book

I'm going thru my type library, intent on using types I've not used in, like, forever, if ever. Though I love Univers--and I believe this book will have scientific formulae in it--with an Old Style serif--I also like the idea of trying something I've had around forever, but just never got around to using, Stone Serif and Stone Sans. But I'm concerned about the narrow width of the text column, a touch less than 20p. I'm figuring a generous leading, but would still like something that fits well, in a compact kind of way (but, of course, not a Times) without looking jammed in.

Thank you.

Closest match to this Trajan-like titling from 1922

Hello, typophiles,

Can anyone help me find the closest match to this sample from 1922 (book cover for Oswald Spengler's Decline of the West - looks like gold leaf or perhaps embroidery?)

It is a Trajan-style, however Trajan itself doesn't match the serifs, which are almost half-serifs. Once I have a typeface that's pretty darned close, I can make modifications like the swashes etc.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

Contemporary Artists Series - Phaidon Press (Book Design)

Hi people,

Anyone wants to give this a go?

I have been fascinated with this typeface the moment I saw it. It is used by Malanie Mues in the book design for the Contemporary Artists Series by Phaidon Press. (http://www.muesdesign.com/html/contemporary.html)

Much thanks in advance :)

Condensed Headline Font / Body Copy Suggestions


I am looking for a font similar to SF Movie Poster for headlines and pulled quotes to be used in a high school yearbook. My only problem with SF Movie Poster is that it does not come in any variations, so I would really like a font with at least 6 weight options. My other concern is budget. Being a high school in this economic situation means that we have no budget for anything extra, so the font will be funded by staff members. I'd love to keep it as close to $200 or less if possible, but if there's a free font out there, all the better!

Below you can see what I'm generally going for design wise. I have considered fonts like Helvetica Condensed Bold, Black, and other variations, but I'm not a fan of the R's. I really want something really crisp and clean like SF Movie Poster.

When did people start to name their typeface in the colophon?

I was wondering when it became a custom to include the name of the book's typeface in the colophon... I can't remember seeing a book from pre-WW1 in which the typeface was named -- which is no surprise considering that the variety of available faces wasn't as wide as it is today, and people would call their faces things like "Gewöhnliche Antiqua" (plain roman).

Chance to win $1200! Robots' outer cover design contest announced by PAL Robotics


If you are a designer, here is a great opportunity for you to win $1200:

Just submit a graphic design or pencil sketch of outer cover design of PAL Robotics next generation of humanoid robots and enter a contest to win $1200, $600, and $200 as first, second, and third prize respectively. For submission and more details, visit http://www.lifeintheroboticslab.com/contests

To know more about PAL Roboits, please visit http://www.pal-robotics.com

Is this some variant of Bodoni? With swashes?


I'm trying to match this family, specifically the italic for the author's name. I figured it's Bodoni, but the swashes in the italic capital 'T' and the italic lowercase 'k' are really throwing me for a loop.

Since this is a reprint of a book that was originally published in 1959 with multiple printing through the 70s and 90s it may very well be something that wasn't digitized. That makes things difficult for a publisher who wants to add copy to the beautiful title page spread.

Help? Someone, please? Thanks!

Book design page size


I have a question about hardcover book design.

If for example designing a 6x9 hardcover book, what size do you make the inside pages, which will obviously be smaller to allow them to fit within the hardcover?

Or do you design the pages at 6x9 and then make the hardcover bigger?

Is there a standard size convention used?

any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much!!!

Must book cover font and body text font match?


Must the fonts used in the body of a book (sans for headings, serif for the text) also be the exact same ones used on the cover for the title, subtitle, and author information?

For example, if I was doing the book text in Feijoa (FF Milo for the headings), would using Arno Pro Display Italic for the title and FF Milo for the author info work on the cover?

Thanks in advance for your book design advice.


(x) Chapter titles from Augusten Burroughs book "Magical Thinking" - Handle Old Style {Mike Y}

These chapter titles caught my attention, but I can't seem to find the font. Anyone recognize this? The serifs on the T are especially unique.

This is from Augusten Burroughs book "Magical Thinking," designed by Phil Mazzone.