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UPM/Ascender & Descender values


Working on a typeface where the client wants to have 45 pts on all sides of the glyph basically. It's a monospaced Chinese font. I have the metrics set so 45 pts are on either side for side bearings, I have 45 pts added onto the cap height for the ascender, and 45 added to the baseline to get the descender. The client wants the highlighted text to go below the text 45 pts...but when I export, it won't highlight that increment. What am I doing wrong?

Here is the font info box:

UPM and vertical font metrics: please help to clarify


Please help me to understand how UPM is related to ascenders and descenders. For example, look at Times New Roman (TTF) metrics, UPM = 2048 (see image below).

I used to believe that UPM = Ascender - Descender, but now I find that I was wrong. But what metrics expression must be equal to UPM? What plus what (or minus what) must give exactly 2048 in this example? I don’t see appropriate values at all. Help me to clarify, please.