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Granshan 2013 Conference and Competition


Based on the success of the Granshan non-Latin typeface design competition held each year since 2008, the Granshan 2013 non-Latin conference will travel to Southeast Asia for its second incarnation:

Organized by Typographische Gesellschaft München (tgm) and its partners*, the core of the event is comprised of four days at the end of July featuring workshops, presentations, exhibitions and a symposium. With presenters and attendees from all corners of the world, Granshan is the only conference focused on non-Latin typefaces. As such, it has itself become a focal point of this rapidly growing and maturing field.

* http://www.granshan.com/en/good-ideas-strong-partners



Armenian Calligraphy: AIB letter, 18th century &

This is treatment I did of 18th century Armenian calligraphic style. Its the first letter of Armenian Alphabet - AIB (alpha, alef).

Dear Admin, I would also propose to create a Armenian Letters sub-forum in Special Interest Groups. I am sure that there are quite many Armenian font designers who are here and would join. Hrant Papazian is at least one of them I know :)

Early Armenian Types

Frankly speaking, I'm not interested in identifying this particular typeface. I'd like to know which foundry/punchcutter was the first to produce it and when. The earliest book typeset with this font that I've got dates back to 1880's, I suspect it was produced at a much earlier date, perhaps at the beginnings of the 19th century. Thanks for your input.

Rosetta Type Foundry

Rosetta is an independent foundry, created by David Březina, Jose Scaglione and Veronika Burian, with a strong focus on multi-script typography. It is a response to the increasing interest and need, within the global market, for multi-script typefaces that are both technically and aesthetically of the highest standard. Rosetta is committed to promoting research and knowledge in that area and to support excellence in world script type design.

armenian typewriters: images / scans / resources

hello all,

for a font design project i am looking for samples and resources of old armenian typewriter character sets (or scans of documents and texts that were written with said machines) that would help me work on a corresponding design or serve as a head start. i have begun with olivetti 32 as the latin basis, and have completed cyrillic so far.

if anybody could point me to such resources or links, i would greatly appreciate it.

thanks a lot.